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Season 3 Now Live!

This season we are transforming Style Revive into Pattern Revive! Meg digs through her previously sewn and printed patterns to remake them in a different way. No new patterns needed . . . just revive and recut. Some of the episode topics include drafting panel lines to utilize scrap fabrics, pocket swapping, zero waste designs and more. Subscribe to the Sew Daily Network on YouTube to watch and get inspired on what you can do next to sewing patterns you already have made and see them in a new light.

Preview What You’ll Find in Season 3:

The complete season is available to watch on the Sew Daily Network YouTube channel, and we’ll be publishing supplemental blogs here on Sew Daily with further instructions and supplemental downloads. Click on the thumbnails below to go to those blog posts, where you can also watch each episode.

Season 3 Episodes:

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Join Meg Healy in the fun, new Style Revive series where she uncovers what her home studio has to offer! She applies special sewing techniques to upcycle existing resources in her studio to make fun new projects each episode, including embroidery, pattern hacking, fabric stash busting and wardrobe hunting to sew more sustainably. Just think, you can dig into your closet and rework what you already have to create a fashionable new piece without ever leaving your house!

Available Episodes from Season 1 + 2:

Style Revive Season 1 - Episode 1 Dress to Romper

S1 Episode 1

Style Revive Season 1 - Episode 2 Jeans to Wrap Skirt or Organizer

S1 Episode 2

Style Revive Season 1 - Episode 3 Mashups to Sew

S1 Episode 3

Style Revive Season 1 - Episode 4 Easy and Fashionable Fixes

S1 Episode 4

Style Revive Season 1 - Episode 5 Scraps to Boho Robes

S1 Episode 5

S2 Episode 1

Thirft flip a pillowcase to mask with this episode of Style Revive

S2 Episode 2

Thrift Flip Knits to Cute Wearables with this episode of Style Revive

S2 Episode 3

S2 Episode 4

S2 Episode 5

S2 Episode 6

Preview What You’ll Find in Style Revive Season 2:


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More About What’s Inside Style Revive:

Get a sneak peek inside Meg’s studio loft while she sews with her husband and pet rabbit by her side. Some of the projects you will learn how to make include: a romper, wrap denim skirt, blazer mash up, sweater shirt, and robe. See how they’re all made in an informative and entertaining way that will inspire you. So if you have a lot of little bits and pieces of fabric, old damaged clothes, or even just a lot of random studio build-up, this series will be sure to motivate you into refashioning what you have on hand. Turn old into new again and revive your style.

Bonus Style Revive Tips with Husqvarna Viking

Meg has even more advice for you to make the most of your at-home sewing studio! These quick tips will get your creative juices flowing, and introduce you to some of the ways you can sew new garments with what you already have on hand.

Tip 1: Upcycle/Recycle a Me-Made Swimsuit


Tip 2: Turn Jeans into Embroidered Skirts


Tip 3: Combine Scraps with Decorative Stitches


Tip 4: Adding Patch Pockets

Tip 5: Add Decorative Details and Stitches on Thrift Finds

Tip 6: Fit and Fashionable Jean Updates


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About the Host: Meg Healy

Meg has a passion for sewing that led her to study Fashion Design in NYC where she also interned for Vera Wang as a pattern maker.

Meg now writes for Sew News magazine and Creative Machine Embroidery in addition to instructing online sewing classes on BurdaStyle Academy. She’s a frequent instructor on Sew Daily, teaching video series, project sew-alongs, and tutorials, as well as lending her voice to the blog. She also co-hosts Sew & Tell podcast as another outlet to inspire the sewing community!

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