Sew News Summer 2021 Errata — Win THIS Machine

The Oso Tank show alongside the Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 sewing machine.

If you noticed that the machine prize in the Sew News Summer 2021 issue is different from the featured prize machine in the Oso Tank Sew Along, that’s because it is. We goofed! In our excitement about this tank and all the amazing machines from Husqvarna Viking we get to play with (someone has to do it!), we listed the wrong machine model in the magazine. Perhaps it was all the incredible machine features? Maybe it was the stress of installing an invisible zipper on camera (how did we do?)? Or it could have been all the Oso Tanks we were planning using stash fabric…. Suffice it to say, we were distracted, and with good reason!

The actual machine that you can win in this sew along is the OPAL™ 650 sewing machine by HUSQVARNA VIKING (a $999 value). It’s amazing — and you’ll be entered to win it just by sewing a fabulous tank with us! Read all about this sew along here, and join the fun.

Thank you, reader, for understanding that we’re passionate (er, distractable) humans. Thank you, Husqvarna Viking, for being the most excellent Sew Along partner. Now, back to sewing! And winning! Be sure to check out Sew News Summer 2021 if you haven’t already!

Husqvarna Viking

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One comment on “Sew News Summer 2021 Errata — Win THIS Machine

  1. t6lady2006 says:

    Forgive me if this is not the place to ask this question:
    I am working on the OSO Tank and I am a beginner. Your video skated over some steps in attaching the binding. Following the instructions steps 14 – 16 I did not see or dont understand the part about under-stitching. I attach the binding with 1/4″ seam. How do I press it to do the under stitch and which side do I stitch for the under stitch? I’m not even sure I am asking the question correctly. I hope you understand my question and are able to help. TIA