Introducing Style Revive with Meg Healy

I’m so excited the time has finally come to release what we (husband included) have been working so hard at since the start of the quarantine: introducing Style Revive

In this brand new series, I uncover what my studio has to offer and recreate the old into new. Read on to learn more about the Style Revive episodes and how it all came together . . .

Since I could not travel anywhere to film and create new sewing content, my husband and I captured all the footage needed to put together Style Revive with the help of the amazing remote video team at Golden Peak Media and HUSQVARNA VIKING’S Designer Brilliance 80, which helped me bring all these upcycles to life.

I apply special sewing techniques to upcycle existing resources in my studio to make fun new projects each episode, including embroidery, pattern hacking, fabric stash-busting and wardrobe hunting to sew more sustainably.

Just think, “fabric shopping” in your own house! 

Season 1 of Style Revive is launched with 5 episodes that I’m so proud of, with more to come. This fun series will help you sew more sustainably and you’ll get a sneak peek into my sewing studio loft where I create alongside my husband and pet rabbit. Now let’s get into the episodes!

Episode 1: Turn a Bridesmaid Dress into a Trendy Ruffled Romper

We all have that one (or many) bridesmaid dress in the back of our closet, and sometimes it just isn’t enough to shorten it to wear it again. In this episode, I cut mine in half to transform it into a summery ruffle romper using our Short and Sweet shorts pattern, included.

I do love wearing long dresses, but they sure are not practical for everyday! I had my last hooray in this old bridesmaid dress at the photoshoot before I altered it.

Episode 2: Transform an Old Pair of Jeans into a Fashion Wrap Skirt and Chic Wall Organizers!

If you are a jeans maker, thrifter, hoarder, or just seem to accumulate a lot of jeans from family and friends (hello denim lovers!), then you may have run out of denim sewing ideas. Perhaps you have done them all – jeans into shorts, ripped jeans, maybe even a jeans purse. In this episode, I show you how to take an old pair of jeans and make it into a wrap skirt! This is the kind of wrap skirt you see on style influencers and in boutiques, but it’s quite easy to make. Then I will demonstrate how to use up all those other bits and pieces of denim pockets to make fun wall organizers. 

Episode 3: Garment MASH UPS! (Two in One)

Have you ever thought about just putting two garments together? In this episode, I explore all the possibilities of putting two different wardrobe pieces into one. If you’re tired of some of your clothes, this is a great way to breathe new life into them and create something new. First off, I will put two unlikely blazers together in a blazer mash up mixing prints and style to get a designer look. Then I take one of my husband’s old shirts and combines it with a sweater to create a more cozy shirt look that can be worn multiple ways.

Episode 4: 3 Easy AND Fashionable Ways to Disguise Rips and Stains in Your Wardrobe

Never discard anything because it has a stain, rip, or hole in it! I like to use those as ways to bring in new design elements to a garment. In this episode, I embraces the hole in my sweater caused by a pull by creating many more holes to achieve that influencer ripped sweater look. Next, I hide a rip under embroidery (design included!), and lastly, use paint to artistically disguise stains on my memade dress. There is always an option and a fix to any garment malfunction – sometimes it even makes it better!

It was so much fun to capture everything on camera including the embroidery – is it just me, or is machine embroidery the most captivating thing to watch?

Episode 5: Use ALL Your Scrap Fabrics to Make a Designer Boho Robe

It’s always hard to throw away scrap fabric, even little pieces, but luckily, they can be put to good use! I designed and created a robe pattern just for this episode (download included) to use up scrap pieces of fabric in an elevated way. I demonstrate first how to overlay and piece different shapes of scraps into a patchwork yardage piece and uses that yardage to create the perfect breezy robe overgarment. Then the pattern parts are used to cut out various complimentary prints to sew together as a stunning robe with collar – perfect for home and out!

My best advice for a sewist is to surround yourself with inspiration, and constantly look at what you have recreated and purchased in other times in your life. I always say, past you can inspire you – that’s why I love to look through at what I already have in my wardrobe to see if I can rework anything before I start something brand new.

Thank you to our lovely sponsor HUSQVARNA VIKING®.

Stream Style Revive today, or learn more and watch a preview of Episode 2!

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