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How to Sew – 4 Sewing Guides

Sewing Basics Free eBookWhether you’re learning how to sew and just want a few sewing tips or are a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to have an overview of sewing basics. With this free eBook from Sew News, you’ll get the refresher course you’ve always wanted. From learning to fix sewing accidents to sewing gorgeous pleats, these four sewing guides are sure to come in handy for creating beautiful sewing projects.

This FREE eBook provides step-by-step sewing tips to help you learn how to sew, including:

  • Fixing sewing accidents, such as repairing a tear or ironing mishaps
  • Learning how to sew the perfect seam
  • Customizing the fit of a garment with darts and pleats
  • Creating bound buttonholes for easy-to-wear garments

With your free download of Sewing Basics, you’ll also become part of the Sew News community. This includes:

  • A free e-newsletter filled with sewing tips, tricks and more!
  • Special offers exclusive to Sew News e-newsletter subscribers.
  • Information on sewing projects as well as the latest on Sew News issues

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If you’ve been looking for help with your sewing, Sew News is proud to present these four sewing how-to guides for you!

When you’re trying to learn how to sew, it’s important to keep things easy and approachable. Luckily, these sewing tips from Sew News keep everything “sew” simple—you’ll be wielding a needle and thread in no time!

Your free Sewing Basics eBook provides simple sewing tips that won’t leave you confused or frustrated.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sew or need a refresher on sewing basics, these four sewing how to guides will make things easy. You don’t need to be a sewing pro to jump right into these sewing tips!

Learn How to Sew Guide #1:

“Fixing Sewing Accidents” by Barbara Deckert

No matter how hard you try or how skilled you are at sewing, projects sometimes go wrong. A simple tear or wrong snip can ruin your garment. But don’t worry: while mistakes are bound to happen, you can fix them! In this how-to-sew guide, you’ll learn all about remedying and concealing common sewing accidents to keep your sewing projects gorgeous.

Learn How to Sew Guide #2:

“Sewing the Perfect Seam” by Kristina Harris

One sewing technique a novice sewer should learn is how to sew the perfect seam. Clean seams gives your sewing project the professional look you want. This how-to-sew guide keeps things simple by showing common seam types and giving you all the details on how to sew each seam. With this sewing how-to in hand, you’ll create professional-looking seams in no time.

Learn How to Sew Guide #3:

“Darts and Pleats” by Laurie Baker

How can you take a flat piece of fabric and turn it into a garment? The answer is by using darts and pleats to tailor your sewing project. This how-to-sew guide illustrates different types of darts, such as the single-pointed straight dart as well as more advanced darts like the double-pointed curved dart, so you can pick the tailoring that works best for you. This how-to-sew guide also shows different types of pleats that can help your sewing project stand out.

Learn How to Sew Guide #4:

“Bound Buttonholes” by Thelma Morton

Buttonholes play an important role in many garments. The mark of a talented tailor is the bound buttonhole. In this how-to-sew guide, you’ll learn why size is important in creating bound buttonholes. You’ll also learn how to make the perfect sized buttonhole that looks great on your first try.

Download these how-to-sew guides now to get started on beautiful sewing garments your friends and family will love!

Learning how to sew is difficult for some. Some people never work up the courage to pick up a needle and thread. While it might appear difficult, learning how to sew doesn’t have to be. These simple how-to-sew guides provide you with the know-how to get started sewing now. You don’t need to be a talented crafter or diligent tailor — just someone with a passion for learning how to sew.

Sew News prides itself on delivering the best sewing tips to you. The FREE Sewing Basics eBook is just one example of the type of sewing how-to guides many have come to love from Sew News. Filled with pictures, detailed notes and instructions, this sewing guide will help improve your sewing in no time!

Don’t wait! Download your FREE copy of Sewing Basics and learn how to sew today. You’ll get all the sewing tips you need!

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