Beginners Only Please! Machine Embroidery The Easy Way

Learning to sew can be intimidating for a beginner, especially if you don’t know where to start. Machine embroidery even for someone who’s been sewing for awhile can be confusing. I never thought I would take up machine embroidery. It looked too complicated and stabilizers! So many to choose from! I’ll mess up the project before I even begin!

Yes, this is cross stitch....

Well, with a bit of encouragement from my friends who machine embroider and of course working here, (I kinda need to know how to do it), I’m now an ecstatic devotee of the embroidery machine! That being said, I’m still doing small projects. I have yet to do any machine embroidery on a garment. Baby steps!


I have been watching the Sara Gallegos series on machine embroidery and she condenses everything down to really easy, manageable chunks.  In her series she shows and tells you everything , as a beginner need to know.  You’ll learn about stabilizer, thread, software, placement and everything in between, all in quick and informative videos.

Plus, in this series you’ll also receive over a $100.00 worth of embroidery designs   and two e-books just for the beginner machine embroidery user.  So, let’s get started!

What You’ll Learn:

  • All about the ins and outs machine embroidery — from different features of embroidery machines to hoop sizes, stabilizers, designs and motifs, thread types, and tips and tricks for working with a vast range of projects.
  • Which types of embroidery designs and stabilizers work best for which types of fabrics: from delicate silk chiffons to stretchy spandex knits to plush furs and everything in between.
  • How to achieve professional looking results on difficult fabrics and when using dense designs.
  • Using the embroidery machine to do such techniques as making freestanding lace and completely in-the-hoop projects.
  • BONUS: Get inspiration for projects from ready-made-apparel to home decoration accessories to quilting and more! Also learn the basics of machine embroidery computer software.

This Course Includes:

Here’s a quick preview from the Absolute Beginners Machine Embroidery course.

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