Watch This Free Video and Learn a Dart Tip that will Change Your Life

Isn't it funny how you can be sewing forever and all of a sudden you stumble upon a new technique that takes your sewing to the next level. It's that Eureka! moment that makes the lifelong learning of sewing such a wondrous journey.

Katrina Loving and Tricia Waddell tackle
the difficult dart in this free video.

That's exactly what happened to me when I was watching a free segment from the Stitch Workshop Sewing Tips + Tricks DVD featuring former Stitch Editor Tricia Waddell.  The segment is called "Good Dart, Bad Dart," and I got the most amazing tip from it on sewing a dart. I have been sewing darts for a good 30+ years now, and this tip revolutionized my dart sewing.

I won't share my new found nugget with you because I want you to see  it for yourself, so take a peek at this free video on darts from the Sewing Tips and Tricks DVD.  I'll bet you can guess exactly what the fab tip is, but I will add that there are several.

It will only take a few minutes to watch this free video download, but you'll find tips that will help improve your sewing for a lifetime. Be sure to pass this video on to your sewing friends, too!

Happy stitching!





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4 thoughts on “Watch This Free Video and Learn a Dart Tip that will Change Your Life

  1. The only “new” technique that is shown is to shorten the stitch length at the tip of the dart. What if you have to go back and rip out the dart because it doesn’t fit properly? Then it would be very difficult to rip out those tiny stitches without ruining the fabric. In all the sewing books that I have and the way I was taught 50 years ago, say to press darts towards the center front or back. Not towards the side seams. This video is giving wrong information.

  2. For the stitch shortening you would need to be careful and take into account the fabric when choosing stitch length so that it can be undone if necessary. Believe it or not, I actually have seen it in industry fashion design classes where darts are pressed toward the side seams.

    If anyone has trouble accessing this video please write to me at You do need to be registered on the site, but otherwise it should work.