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There  are a few techniques in garment construction that I consider critical to getting a good result. Clipping curves is one of them, along with grading seams, and anything else that will eliminate bulky seams. And stay stitching and under stitching are another. Many pattern instructions these days don't go into the intricacies of these techniques or provide you with little tricks that make them work better. That's why I love this video segment from Stitch Workshop: Sewing Tips and Tricks on staystitching and understitching.

Learn the tricks of staystitching.

In this segment, former Stitch Editor Tricia Waddell, goes into the whys and hows of both techniques. Basically, you want to stabilize a garment wherever it is going to have stress and the waist is certainly a prime area for that. Just think of what you had for dinner last night and how your waistband can sometimes strain against a full belly. 

The waist of a skirt is particularly prone to this stress because as it curves around your body, the grain shifts to one bias and another, making it prone to stretching out. This video is particularly helpful because it gives you tips like adding a binding strip to the waistband to stabilize it before understitching. 

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  1. Curlycoder – I checked the video and was able to get the sound to work. Perhaps do a quick check of your computer speakers and sound levels to see if it might be turned off somehow. Let me know if that doesn’t work.


  2. My newest technique that I love (wish I could post a picture) involves a lovely embroidered linen dress I am constructing using couture techniques. The zipper is hand picked and I found that the sticky measuring tape I use for slipcovers is perfect for this as well. I place it 1/4 inch from the center and the marks show me exactly where to place the stitches 1/4 inch apart. Lovely symmetry!