Upcycling Ideas: 3 Free Sewing Projects for Refashioning and Upcycled Clothes

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When it comes to upcycling, the techniques and options are endless. This free eBook is here to introduce you to a few techniques and get you started with fantastic upcycling projects. With our first tutorial you'll learn about refashioning clothes, and specifically how to take a sweater or cardigan, and add some personality through trim and other embellishments. Next, create an entry way catch-all by using old jean pockets and denim squares, upcycled into a pocket wall panel. Finally, upcycle jeans in to a gift bag decorated with stitching and card pocket, perfect for wine and many other gifts. Try one or try them all, download this free eBook of tips on refashioning and upcycling clothes and start exploring!

Upcycling Sewing Free eBook

Images of each upcycled project.

With such a fun variety of upcycling ideas to choose from, which will you start first?

Don't throw away that old pair of jeans! With the projects in this free eBook you'll learn two different ways to upcycle jeans into useful items. We promise you'll never look at a jean pocket the same way again! Are you ready to (re)create a fabulous sweater? It's all in the details of our next project, where you'll learn to take a plain pullover and add embellishments for a seasonal stunner. Get ready to begin exploring all that upcycling clothing has to offer, download your free projects today!

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Upcycling Ideas: 3 Free Sewing Projects for Refashioning and Upcycled Clothes

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  Get your free upcycling sewing ideas eBook now!
Project to upcycling jeans into a hallway catch-all

Upcycled Clothing Project 1: Sweater Stitch Switch

Upcycled Clothing: Project 1

Sweater Stitch Switch by Kirsten Coplans


When a cool spring breeze blows through, stay stylishly warm in a refashioned sweater. The upcycle part of this project involves taking a pain sweater and embellishing with trim, topstitching and vintage buttons. This remake is all about the simple concept of refashioning clothes and is perfect for sewists of all levels.

Upcycled Clothing Project 2: Patched Pocket Panel

Upcycled Clothing: Project 2

Patched Pocket Panel by Mary Walter


This quick and easy project combines cotton squares, rescued denim pockets, and upcycled ideas to create a quilted wall hanging. Upcycle jeans to create the perfect storage place for all your phones, chargers, accessories, or as an entryway cache.

Upcycled Clothing Project 3: Recycled Denim Wine Tote

Upcycled Clothing: Project 3

Recycled Denim Wine Tote by Lisa Cox


This clever project takes advantage of upcycling clothing techniques to create a useful tote. It is easily constructed from a recycled pair of small jeans or denim fabric. Add a restitched jeans pocket to hold a corkscrew or card to one side of the tote for even more interest.

What are you waiting for? Grab your refashion tutorials and upcycle ideas eBook today!

To share in the joys of upcycling clothing we gathered a few of our many favorite upcycling projects and created this eBook to offer you for free! Begin with Sweater Stitch Switch, a fantastic tutorial to help you explore what refashioning clothes is all about. Next, Patched Pocket Panel helps you rescue old denim pockets and cotton squares to create an easy wall hanging. Finally, upcycle the remaining bits of your denim and old jeans to create a sturdy wine tote, complete with Sashiko stitching. Use these upcycle ideas individually or combine to open even more possibilities. Get started today when you download this free eBook!

  Get your free upcycling sewing ideas eBook now!

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Upcycling Sewing Free eBook

If you've ever taken a garment, accessory, or piece of art and used it to make something new, then you've upcycled. What makes upcycling so fun and attractive is how each creation is truly one-of-a-kind. Here at Sew Daily, we love to upcycle, whether it's to preserve part of a favorite garment or to make it anew, to be a little greener, or to challenge creativity. Jump into these creative techniques today when you download the free eBook!

Upcycling Ideas: 3 Free Sewing Projects for Refashioning and Upcycled Clothes

  Get your free upcycling sewing ideas eBook now!