Get your sewing organized in 2016

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Happy New Year, Sew Daily troupe! I hope your holidays were lovely!

Did you know getting organized ranked as the sixth most popular resolution last year according to Nielsen? (Getting in shape is No. 1, shocker.) I’m sure “getting organized” is a perennial favorite in the pantheon of resolutions, and if Nielsen specifically tracked sewists’ resolutions, it might rank No. 1.

If you’ve resolved to master your sewing domain this year, you’re going to need places to put all those things, and these items definitely do the trick:

Fat quarter tower

  • Storage dedicated to fabric. No one sewist’s stash is alike. You’ve got scraps of this, fat quarters of that and yards and yards of that print you swore you’d use two years ago but never did. You can sort it according to type, color, size/amount or intended purpose, but the most important thing is to store fabric in a way that reminds you to use it. I love this fat quarter shelf tower because it can take on fabric of any size besides fat quarters, and the clear doors let you see what you have at your disposal. It also maximizes vertical space, something professional organizers preach.
  • Mobile storage. Even if you’re lucky enough to have an entire room or studio dedicated to your endeavors, chances are you change your setup from time to time. Not all notions only live at the ironing board or cutting mat, either, so furniture on wheels is a must, like this portable cube. It reminds me of my dad’s toolbox.  The right tool is always right at your fingertips.

Bobbin tower

  • Thread keepers. Try to organize thread in the same vein as fabric, stored in a way that it still makes its presence known and lets you know what colors you have at your disposal. Thread racks (like this metal one and this wooden one) do just that and really take advantage of that whole “organization as décor” concept. If you’re less keen on looking at all of your stuff all of the time, these bins are the right height for storing spools. And don’t forget bobbins! This bobbin tower is perfect for organizing those pesky little guys.
  • Vertical space. Remember how I said professionals love to think vertically and horizontally? You can only fit so many horizontal surfaces (table tops and desks) into a room, so take advantage of those other flat surfaces, the walls! Even though it’s called a quilt wall, you can use a quilt wall to design other projects and free up your table for cutting, pressing, sewing etc. You won’t have to worry about other things you put on the table messing up your design or layout.


  • A place to be messy. We all have that one drawer full of stuff that’s hard to classify. That’s life, and that’s also sewing. I love this caddy for just that reason. Random or one-off items can go in it as a catch-all, but it’s somewhat sheer so you’re aware of what’s available. It’s also not too large so it forces you to keep your clutter in check. It can live at the sewing table so the contents are within reach, and then you can remove it to put things back.
  • Pattern saving. These clear zippered pouches are meant for storing small projects in progress, but I like them for storing patterns. There’s less pressure on the original envelope to hold up over time. There’s also a larger version too.

God speed with all of your resolutions, Sew Daily gals and pals! One day at a time…


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