Behind the scenes at the Sew Daily holiday party

Seasons greetings, Sew Daily campers!

Last week we had our holiday party in the Sudbury, Mass. office. Presents were swapped, copious amounts of cookies were consumed and merriment and mirth were plentiful.

Sew Daily office party
C is for cookie, and cookies are for us!

I also took that time to teach some of the ladies how to do machine embroidery. For me, an admittedly new sewist, to teach some of these seasoned sewists something new, is an occurrence perhaps more rare than Halley’s Comet. Fortunately, I was armed with the perfect project: Lisa Archer’s In-the-Hoop Be Merry Ornament from the Creative Machine Embroidery November/December issue.

Here’s one I made for myself and hung on my Christmas tree. Isn’t it pretty? Since the entire project is constructed in the hoop, it comes together in a matter of minutes.

ITH Be Merry ornament


ITH Be Merry ornament
Mine’s pretty dang close to the one in the magazine. My cutting skills lacked something to be desired though. I was probably jittery from all the sugar, what can I say?

Many of my coworkers gasped as they watched our Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz machine work the embroidery with speed and precision, more astonished and excited than they might be when finding that rare pair of shoes marked 50% off in the DSW clearance section.

Embroidery machine at work
The Cloth Paper Scissors team watches Managing Editor Barb Delaney create her own ITH Be Merry ornament. Look how studious they are! Why so serious?

Cloth Paper Scissors managing editor Barb Delaney in particular went to town making ornaments to gift people this year. You could say she was my best student:

Embroidered ITH ornament
A+ Barb, well done!

Since I can’t personally tutor all of you, Lisa Archer has six FREE videos on YouTube showing you how to make more of her In-The-Hoop creations, just get the designs from Shop Sew It All. You can still get the Be Merry ornament design for free here.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year!


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