What Does Your Ideal Sewing Studio Look Like?

I did some spontaneous spring cleaning this weekend (even though it's still the thick of winter here in New England), which included sorting and organizing books and  supplies in my so-called sewing room. 

A view into Karin Strom's studio,
featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Studios.
Photo by Mary Ellen Stadtlander 

I'm lucky right now to have a sewing room, though it's valuable real estate in my house I know will be usurped when my family grows. But for now, it's nice to have my sewing machine permanently set up, space for an ironing board, and a table to cut fabric on.

I have so many visions of what my ideal sewing room or studio would look like. Picture lots of shelves or cubbies for fabric, sorted by color. I'd also love to have a cutting table with shelves built in underneath for storing sewing notions. 

Of course my ideal sewing room would have little elves who'd work round-the-clock to cut strips, iron, or sew binding, reducing my project-completion time threefold. And, poof! I'd magically have a brand new, souped up sewing machine.

I'm always so impressed and inspired when I see other sewists' studios or work areas, be it in person, in photos, or featured on a blog. My incomplete spring cleaning has left my sewing studio in turmoil, otherwise I'd share a photo.

Instead, you can check out some awesome spaces, for all kinds of crafting, in Studios magazine. The Spring 2014 issue of Studios is available in the Sew Daily Shop.

What does your ideal sewing studio look like? Is it a dream, a work in progress, or have you already created your own slice of sewing heaven? I can't wait to hear.


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Abby Kaufman is assistant editor of Stitch magazine. When she's not scoping out new fabrics for her collection, Abby enjoys outdoor activities, and spending time with her husband and two dogs. 

6 thoughts on “What Does Your Ideal Sewing Studio Look Like?

  1. Right now my ideal sewing room would be any sewing room! My “studio space” is a tiny desk in one corner of my tiny living room which is just about big enough for either the machine or the overlocker – so I have to have one of them on the floor at all times. However I’m getting married in September and that means I can leave my tiny shoebox and move into a house, and my future hubby has already promised me that I can have a sewing room instead of a spare room!

  2. I’d love enough room for a table large enough to cut out a pattern or layer a quilt.
    When I look at other’s sewing rooms, I see space. Mine is a small bedroom with a twin size sofa bed and two cabinets for fabric and notions. On one end is a window where I have my ironing station, college ironing board on three drawers on rollers, and the other end is a door and closet. My last wall has a tall book case and table holding sewing machine with drawers under it. Serger is on a rolling three drawer case.
    I can dream but it is a room!

  3. I am blessed to be at a time in my life when I can have a room mostly devoted to sewing, and a husband who supports my passion! Only 11’x11′, the room still houses a daybed and off-season clothes, so I had to be creative to make it functional for more than one sewer (I do an “open sewing” day for friends once a week) and pleasant to be in. Stock kitchen base cabinets double as storage and a cutting/pressing area underneath high, northern exposure windows. Cubes, originally designed for scrap-booking supplies, and wall-mounted shelves make up the rest of my storage, with glass jars and decorative boxes holding spools, buttons, organized scraps, and other small items. One sewing machine is set up at the end of the day bed, (which hides fat quarters in under-bed storage bins) and doubles as a bedside table, and the other is in front of the eastern-facing window, in a brand-new “dream come true” Koala cabinet, which can pull out to the center of the room, submerge the sewing machine, put up the “outback” leaf and have a 4’x5′ area for cutting clothing! The right extension of the Koala holds my laptop, which can be moved to set up my serger or a 3rd sewing machine. My dress form is on a raised platform (used for hemming long things) in front of the closet with double doors. That closet has shelves on both ends which hold bins with my yardage stash, and stores off-season clothing, and works-in-progress between. Very close to my “Dream Room”, it’s definitely my favorite place to be!

  4. I need a sewing room about 20′ x 20′. It would have a 6’x10′ permanent cutting table in the center of the room, equipped with shelves and drawers underneath, and power on each side with strong overhead lighting. It would be a corner room with big windows for lots of light on each side, and long tables on 2 sides for sewing, embroidery and serger machines. There would be power strips along the back of the tables and swing-arm lights too. On the other two walls there would be big cabinets with glass doors and lots and lots of shelving and drawers for books, fabric, yarn and notions, though I would want some wall space to install cork boards. The floor would be wood. You can see I’ve thought about this a lot and know just what I want….if I ever live in a house where I can have it.

  5. I am a very lucky new retiree. When we bought a home in the GA mountains for retirement away from FL it was very tiny. No room for a sewing room but by the same token no room for a workshop for hubby. For the past four years our “play” house has been a work in progress but includes a 9×12 room just for me that has a huge walk in Closet with shelves for my fabric and crafts. Sitting at my big table I’ll be able to look onto the National Forest. The rest of the first floor is a small office and a workshop for the power tools. Separate from the main house but that might not be a bad thing! I have been waiting 40 years for this and can’t wait to occupy it full time by this summer. So many projects, so little time.

  6. I have my ideal sewing studio after many years of sewing on the kitchen table. We removed half of a walk-in-closet and added a glass door to the outside to give me natural light where I needed it. The other half of the closet has a chest of drawers and other storage I had floor to ceiling cabinets built on one wall. My son built a custom table and then my (4) granddaughters painted whatever they wanted on the table, I then sealed it for me to enjoy years to come. My room is a yellow tone, with cheetah baskets with red accent. I painted chairs red and covered the seats and back with coordinating fabric. The only people allowed in my room are my grand-children, as they say this belongs to Mema and us!