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I’ve always wanted to be a graphic artist. In my job as Online Editor for Sew Daily I have the opportunity to play around with images and graphic design programs as part of my job. It really is a fun part of my job.

However, one key element in being a graphic artist is the Artist part. I can barely draw a straight line.

Thankfully for us artistically challenged folk there are places you can go online to pull (legally) images from for your blog posts, online scrap booking projects web sites and more. And, you don’t have the hard part of actually creating the image (leave that to the artsy types). Bad part? Just go ahead and Google ‘graphic images download’ and you will get 118,000,00 results in about 0.41 seconds.

Working with real graphic artists and art directors here at Sew Daily I get an inside look at where their favorite places to find images are. One such place is Graphic Stock. I’ve had an account with them for awhile now and I love their selection. I, of course am partial to sewing, craft, quilting, fabric and fashion images.

The sewing, craft and fashion images
from Graphic Stock are modern, fresh and perfect for sewing, DIY and craft bloggers. These graphic images are suitable for scrapbooking, website banners, social media promos, marketing materials, newsletters anywhere you need an image.

Having nice graphic images is a must for bloggers whether you’re a pro or hobbyist.  Since I spend a lot of time blogging and writing I am going to show you a few images that I created from Graphic Stock. The images that I downloaded and edited can be used in a variety of ways, the possibilities really are endless.

I love this hand drawn alphabet that you can download in multiple formats.


I created ‘SEW’ using the Hand Drawn Alphabet. Isn’t it cute?

Multiple formats to choose from make it even easier to create one-of-a-kind images. Under each image you’ll see what file type the image is available in. For instance the above alphabet is available in 4 formats.

I downloaded it in the pdf format and opened it up in Photoshop. The pdf formats are editable in a variety of photo editing software not just Photoshop.
Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.05.17 AM

If you hover over any of the blue buttons you will get a description of what each one is.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.28.30 AM
This image is great for fall wardrobe planning, travel, love you name it. 
The image is one I edited using Adobe Illustrator. This program can be a bit complicated to use, but I wanted to show some small changes I did using AI. You can see the original image here. You’ll notice I changed the hearts and hat to purple, added my own text and so forth. In Illustrator you can really do a lot more changes, but for most purposes I use pdf, png and jpg.

Be sure to ‘Save’ your images in their Project Bins if you decide not to download immediately, this will save you time from searching again.

There are thousands of beautiful photos on Graphic Stock, like the one below. These are in .jpg format. This is stunning and I’m not sure what I would do with it off hand but it is arresting. And that is the point of creating images. You want people to click on your blog, tweet etc and one way to do that is with beautiful, thoughtful imagery. The only editing I did to this image was up the contrast a bit.

The search feature on Graphic Stock works great. Put in criteria  “Halloween” and you’ll find all the images related to Halloween. You can also narrow it down to say, “Halloween Blue” and you’ll find Halloween images where the dominant color is blue etc.. Plus, you can just show vector files, or photos etc to narrow your choices.

Looking for cute?  I like this cute circus themed image.  perfect for a birthday invite or social media post. All I did was download it in a jpg format and place the text on it. I stroked the image with a green border. That’s it.

I could do this all day long. I love working with Graphic Stock and creating images for my blog posts, newsletter, websites and social media.  If you’re like me and don’t quite have the graphic art skills to create your own images all from scratch ( or don’t want to bug the Art Team constantly) Graphic Stock is a time and money saver. I can create unique, professional images and have fun doing it. Win all around!

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