Top 10 Sewing Techniques And Sewing Notions From Sew Daily

MASTERING SOLID SEWING TECHNIQUES is crucial to successfully making professional-looking projects. And whether you are a beginner or have been sewing for years, it is important to have a few key techniques in your skill repertoire to give you the sewing confidence to meet pattern requirements head on from garments to quilts. So we've assembled the Top 10 sewing techniques that can be a bit tricky, but are core skills everyone should have. We'll give you all the foolproof step-by-step information you need to master these tricky techniques. All it takes is a little practice and patience and you'll be sewing like a pro in no time!

Here are just a few of the techniques you will learn:

  • Install an invisible zipper. Sewing zippers frustrates many sewists but we give you our tried-and-true techniques for putting in the perfect zipper every time
  • Sewing and pressing curved seams. These tricky seams look difficult but they are really easy if you follow our simple instructions
  • Setting in a sleeve. We show you how easy it is to master this garment sewing technique so that you have a smooth cap every time
  • Making and inserting piping. This fun embellishment technique adds a professional finish to any project
  • And much more!

We've also included our Top 10 favorite notions-tools and sewing supplies that can make sewing easier and faster. And
to give you some motivation, we have our Top 10 sewing resolutions, created to give you and your sewing a jump start.

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