Freebie Friday: OLFA rotary cutters!

It's time again for the next installment of Freebie Friday! This week we're giving away two rotary cutters from OLFA, an 18mm circle rotary cutter and a 45mm quick-change rotary cutter.

OLFA Quick-Change Rotary Cutter

OLFA Circle Rotary Cutter


Quick-Change Rotary Cutter

The Quick-Change Rotary Cutter features an easy blade change with just a single click. No more assembly with a washer and a nut. Just slide the locking mechanism and the blade immediately releases. The innovative split blade cover allows for switching hands effortlessly without reassembly and offers extra safety protection while cutting. Each side slides back and forth independently so the user can easily switch hands to cut. The blade is made of high quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Designed for both right-and left-handed use.

Circle Rotary Cutter

The patented ratchet mechanism of the rotary circle cutter easily and efficiently cuts clean, perfect circles from 1 7/8" to 8 1/2" every time. Designed for both right and left-handed use and reduces wrist fatigue connected with 'yo-yos', Cathedral Windows, Drunkard's Path, etc. Includes a built-in blade cover for safety, and a plastic guard to cover the pivot spike when not in use. Uses RB18 (standard) replacement blades.

Leave a comment below to be entered to win. We'll choose a random winner from the comments early next week.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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77 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: OLFA rotary cutters!

  1. Love my rotary cutter, but have needed a new one for a while now. And I’ve never used a circle rotary cutter. I can only imagine the possibilities!!!!

  2. Oooh! Great giveaway! I could use a rotary cutter…I’ve been using my paper scrapbooking rotary cutter to cut fabric and it’s getting a little dull.

  3. I have read about OLFA cutters before and they appear to be the best on the market. I have never used the circle rotary cutter but it looks like it would be a nice tool to have in my sewing arsenal!

  4. I have read about OLFA cutters before and they appear to be the best on the market. I have never used the circle rotary cutter but it looks like it would be a nice tool to have in my sewing arsenal!

  5. Hope I’m not too late for this…I have spent the weekend cutting out a pattern using my rusty old scissors, and couldn’t get away to the computer to enter the drawing : )

  6. The rotary cutter is a God-send for people like me who are beginning to experience arthritis of the fingers and hands. And the fact that you can switch between hands and rest one is a blessing. Needlesstosay, it could not get better than a circle rotary cutter for all of my crafts projects for my wonderful grandchildren.

  7. Just started getting “Stitch” magazine recently – and do so wish I had more time. So many great projects to try and so little time. Love the quick-change feature and circles too! Wow.

  8. Oh I hope I’m not too late. I LOVE the Quick Change Rotary Cutter. Yes, I have ONE, but I have two places where I use them so I’m constantly “losing” this great tool. I’m a handweaver who is patiently trying to learn to sew with my own cloth.

    Later this summer, after a visit with my precious grandson, I plan to take sewing classes. I have wanted to sew all my life, and I do believe the time has come.


  9. Ok, time to pick a winner! The random number generator chose Gypsy Thread this week.

    Congrats Gypsy Thread! Check your messages (click “conversations” in the upper-right corner of the site) in a couple of minutes for a message from me with more details.

    Thanks for playing this week everyone – see you again on Friday!

  10. It’s nice to have the new (new to me, anyway) products presented to me as you have here–otherwise, I don’t know when I would have time to even notice products such as this!!

  11. Did you say a Circle Cutter?????? Didn’t know Olfa made one for fabric. I would be just dizzy with delight cutting circles from my voluminous stash of hand painted and old fabric!

  12. hi and i’m new and i just got through bye talking about a fashion website so i fount this one and i’m very very happy and just to no that i love to sew an i love to just do everything