The Power of Repetition – What’s Your Favorite TNT (Tried ‘n True)

The Power of Repetition
I’ve  finished up a wrap dress for the new year. It will be my first successful and wearable wrap dress. The other renditions although technically good, just didn’t cut it in the end. But, this one is going to be my go-to knit dress pattern. Can’t wait to show you the final results! What tried and true (TNT) garments do you like to sew? Do you have a stash of patterns that you frequently turn to over and over?

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I find that my TNT’s are usually simple designs without a lot of complicated details. I’ve ironed out the fitting problems and can have them done in an afternoon or less. Having an arsenal of TNT’s in your sewing kit is a must.  Repetition is your friend here. Once you have your favorite patterns you can experiment with different fabrics and add in design elements. Don’t forget to keep accurate notes. What types of TNT’s call out to you? What’s the oldest TNT you have? Let me know on the blog!

January is flying by. Don’t forget your resolutions for better sewing in 2017! To help you out you’ll find webinars and classes below to help you make your sewing goals for this year.

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Pant Perfection Is Here!

We all want to sew pants that fit! It’s the garment sewists want to learn how to master.  Sewing pants is not difficult, but the fit often gets in the way of your perfect pants wardrobe.

In this webinar learn the step-by-step process that will assure your pants fit well and in all the important places. Learn how to obtain a comfortable crotch curve, add room in the leg, find your waist and the waist finish you prefer. Plus, learn what fabrics and patterns will work best together
This webinar is lead by Rae Cumbie. Rae is a long time Sew News contributor, she is the Creative Director of Fit For Art Patterns and has found a comfortable fit for hundreds of sewists around the country. Join in on January 24 for a live webinar with Rae!

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Knock it off!

Create Patterns From RTW

Learn how to convert, accurately and easily ready-made garments into a sewing pattern. If you love the look of a garment in a magazine or shop, but don’t have the pattern learn the techniques how to create patterns from ready to wear garments. You’ll wardrobe will never be the same!

This course is great for those that have an all-time favorite dress or top that they would like to copy but don’t know how. You’ll learn how to copy knit garments, pants and a dress. Plus, you’ll learn different methods to suit your needs perfectly.

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Menswear Course

The Ultimate Menswear Course

Do your sewing resolutions include the man in your life? Learn how to sew for your guy and he’ll be looking stylish all year long. In this BurdaStyle course you’ll learn how to sew the details in menswear garments. Details like hip pockets, belt loops, collars inseams, out seams and more. Plus, you’ll receive three menswear patterns and videos to aid in your construction and instruction!

Access this course anywhere, any time on tablets, computer or smart phones. Find more information and to register here!

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