Oh, Bamboo Point Turner! How I Love Thee!

Simple in concept, yet oh, so wonderful–may I present the humble bamboo point turner.

Simply beautiful and perfectly designed,
it's a bamboo point turner.

Knitting needles and pencils best kept for
knitting and writing. 

The rounded end is for round collars.

The pointed end makes crisp corners.

When a collar has to be turned, or the corners of cuffs or pillows need to be squared out, instructions will often note to "use a point turner or similar object such as a knitting needle, chopstick, or pencil eraser."

While I acknowledge that knitting needles, chopsticks, and pencil erasers all have their uses, for turning points, I am quite committed to using a point turner–and more specifically, my bamboo point turner.

Silky smooth, rounded on one end (for smoothing out curved seams), gently pointed on the other (for getting into those corners), this notion is possibly one of the simplest, yet most perfectly designed tools on my sewing table.

Yes, you can get into corners with a knitting needle. (And I am an avid knitter, so finding a knitting needle of any size is not a problem.) But knitting needles are round and don't fit corners well. Plus, the smaller sizes are just too pokey.

The chopsticks I've seen have thick, square ends. While they may be effective for stuffing polyfill into small spaces, they are not the best tool for turning.

Pencil erasers have all the issues of knitting needles (round) and chopsticks (too thick) plus the added problem of not being able to slide along the fabric.

When something that will make some sewing tasks pleasant also clocks in at under four dollars, I say go buy two!

For collars and cuffs-and other sewing projects with turnable points, check out the 30% off sale on all Interweave digital resources.

And–with a four dollar limit–what's your perfect notion? Let me know!

Happy stitching,

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7 thoughts on “Oh, Bamboo Point Turner! How I Love Thee!

  1. My favorite all-time sewing notion that clocks in at under $4.00 is the seam ripper. I buy the small, inexpensive ($1.99) ones that seem to start out sharpest and hold their edge far longer than any of the other models available. I love this little tool because not only does it remove my mistakes but it also is great for creating ‘ripped edges’ on fabric that I am using in art quilts. Itworks as a great stiletto when I need an extra small ‘hand’ at the sewing machine and, are you ready for this? It is perfect for removing glue from under my fingernails! TA DA, there you have it. The seam ripper / manicure tool.

  2. I have two absolute favorite things, and one of them is free. An old credit card or one of those that comes in the mail with the ‘free’ offer of a credit card. I use it to pass under the presser foot to retrieve those threads that are hiding from me. Real simple, real easy!
    The other thing is a simple needle threader shaped like a wire loop with the ends joined together – similar to a dental floss threader. I particularly like it when I am trying to deal with my serger!

  3. My favorite: 3M NexCare Waterproof First Aid Tape. This skin colored first aid tape is smooth and just a bit tacky (think rubber gloves) on it’s top surface… the sticky side – well it STICKS. I use it in many places that I need something to provide tack to hold things better, for example:
    I cut just a 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch square out and stick to the bottom of my rotary cutting rulers – one in each corner, about and inch or two away from the edge, and a couple more in the center, depending on the size of the ruler. Instant non-slip surface! For hand work, (applique or quilting or mending, I put a fingerprint size cut out on my needle holding finger to get a better grip on things. In a pinch, I’ve even used it to create my on “finger cots” to place on fingertips for holding fabric during free motion quilting. Available in the first aid aisle at the grocery store on a roll… one roll lasts me for about a year! Eventually the edges of the tape fuzz up and have to be replaced – but my roll is never far away! I have tried other brands, but none work this well. I shared my use of their products with 3M, and they are intrigued… maybe they’ll offer the product in already trimmed fingertip sizes some day….until then, I have a designated pair of craft scissors that just cut this for me wonderfully. I can provide pictures if ya need em’. Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Lately, as mature eyesight asserts itself in most inopportune ways, I find myself keeping a pair of curved tip tweezers near my sewing. They are great for assisting in threading serger needles, picking lint out of the feed dog area and bobbin case, lifting threads for the inevitable un-sewing. At about $3.50, I agree with your advice to….”go buy two!”.

  5. My perfect notion is the plastic bobbin holder that fits into a spool of thread, keeping the bobbin with the same color thread. No more guessing at which color bobbin thread is the exact match for a spool of thread. Soon I will have a bobbin holder for every spool of thread I have!