Me Made May – What Is It? How Do I Participate?

I posted on Facebook, asking who was participating in Me Made May. What I didn’t realize is that most people had no idea what I was talking about! My apologies for living in a sewing bubble, I assumed everyone knew what I was referring too.


Me Made May is an entire month devoted to showing off what you’ve made. You can sew, crochet, knit, bead whatever the medium, all you need to do is MAKE! People make stuff and wear it through out the month of May. The challenge is to wear something every day of May that you have made.  Sew News nor Sew Daily didn’t “invent” this.

Zoe of Zo So started  Me Made May as a way to challenge garment sewers. Now it has taken on quite a bit of momentum and has spread to other areas of crafting and sewing.

We love participating it(when we can) and enjoy seeing all the amazing things that people are making around the world wide web.

You can follow Zoe’s plan for the official version of MMM. Or simply celebrate wearing your own made items. You don’t need to start right on May 1st if you go your own way. Some people just show off one thing that they’ve made. You don’t have to make the item in May. It just has to be made and not store bought. It’s a month devoted to celebrating and showing off the things that you have made. Plus, learning about sustainable fashion!

It’s really fun to go on Instagram and search using the hashtag of #memademay or #memademay2017 and see all the fun, beautiful and creative garments, accessories, jewelery and so on that people are making.

Plus, you can check us out on Instagram! The Sewing Team is taking our makes to Instagram. Every day we’ll post our handmade items. And, we’re posting some fun stuff on the Sew News blog too.

Are you celebrating Me Made May? Does this sound like fun or a big ‘No thanks’? Let me know!


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One thought on “Me Made May – What Is It? How Do I Participate?

  1. My sister, a very avid sewist, knitter, crocheter, crafter, recently had a stroke. Fortunately, if there is one in a stroke, is that her dominant hand LEFT is not affected.
    I would love to be able to show her some sites or articles on one-handed sewing, knitting, crocheting that would help her in her recovery and lift her spirits.
    Can you direct me to something?