Patterns and Fabric from Lisette!

Yay, it's Friday! Which means it's time for this week's Freebie Friday. Today's giveaway is special because we'll have two winners. This week's giveaways come from Lisette, the new line of fabric and women's clothing patterns from Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S fame. We got the chance to chat with Liesl about the new pattern collection. Read on through this great Q&A and you'll find Freebie Friday information at the bottom!

Stitch: Adult women all over the world who love the Oliver + S brand are thrilled to have sewing patterns designed by you in their size! What is your design philosophy behind the Lisette pattern and fabric line and what do you feel makes it unique?

Liesl: I always tell a story when I'm designing a collection. The story behind this brand revolves around a fictional character named Lisette. She's a sophisticated woman who travels the world, gathering inspiration everywhere she goes. She brings home images and objects from all her travels – Moroccan tiles, Chinese cloisonné, Indian saris – and incorporates them into her own aesthetic and lifestyle. So she's being influenced by the world but reinterpreting it for her own backyard, in a sense.

Freebie Friday package #1: Passport Dress + Jacket pattern plus fabric

Freebie Friday package #2: Traveler Dresses pattern plus fabric



Our motto is "Sew Your Style," and that's exactly what I wanted to do with these patterns. They're very versatile. The design concept really focuses on practical, fashionable clothing that can also stand the test of time and that isn't too trendy. These are pieces that can be worn to the playground or the park with the kids as well as to work or to more dressy events. The finished garment really depends on your fabric choices and which details from the patterns you include – there are lots of options to choose from.

Stitch: As an experienced pattern writer, you understand how to help sewists build their skills with the way you write your pattern instructions. Tell us about the special sewing tips and hints you have added in the Lisette patterns.

As I test the instructions and sew through a pattern, I take note of the areas that might be tricky or confusing to a beginning seamstress and try to offer additional tips and hints to help. And sewing terminology can be confusing, so we offer reminders about what an edgestitch is, for example.

Stitch: What is your plan for rolling out new Lisette patterns and fabrics?

Are present, we're planning three fabric collections and two pattern collections per year. I'm just finishing the Fall 2011 patterns as I write this, and I've turned in the designs for the Spring 2012 fabrics already.

Stitch: How do you balance designing patterns for Oliver + S with designing the Lisette line?

Everything is scheduled out very carefully for pretty much a year in advance. Sometimes that's the most challenging part of my job – just making sure I have enough time to concentrate on each item. But so far it's working out very nicely. We're staying busy, but it's not too much. I'm fortunate to have an excellent business partner (my husband!) and good relationships with the companies that we work with.

Stitch: Which Lisette pattern is your personal favorite and why?

Liesl: The Portfolio tunic will be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe this summer because it's so easy to wear and fun to make. And I wear a lot of Traveler dresses, too. They're comfortable and versatile while still looking professional.

We have two packages to giveaway this week! Each contains a Sew Lisette pattern with enough fabulous fabric for a complete project. Package one contains the Passport Dress + Jacket pattern in size H5 (US 6-14) with fabric. Package two contains the Traveler Dresses pattern in size R5 (US 14-22) with fabric. Leave a comment below between now and Monday to be entered. The patterns are different sizes, so if you'd only like to be considered for one, please indicate that in your comment – otherwise we'll enter you into the drawing for both.

Happy Friday and good luck in this week's Freebie Friday giveaway!


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65 thoughts on “Patterns and Fabric from Lisette!

  1. SO exciting! I love giveaways and I have loved Oliver+S patterns! Didn’t know there were patterns for “grown-ups” too! I’ll have to check them out a little more closely 🙂
    Please consider me for package #1 only, #2 would be too big…and I would definitely be making this for myself!

  2. OH WOW!
    I’d LOVE to sew the dress and jacket combo for MYSELF! I always sew for other people, it would be fun to have something that I made for myself. I adore these fabrics, it is such fun to mix patterns and textures! COOL!

  3. Hmm…well because I already own the Passport dress and my sizing is the Traveler dress, I guess I’ll have to go with the Traveler! Liesl is such an inspiration to me, both in life and sewing. I hope Lisette or Oliver + S show up in Stitch soon. I saw the blurb on Little Things to Sew but I want more!

  4. I love Oliver + S patterns! I am super excited to get my hands on a Lisette pattern for my self. Stitch is quite possibly my absolute favorite magazine ever printed. I really am not joking!!

  5. I had no idea that Liesl is now designing for adults as well as children. That’s definitely exciting news. I would be happy with either pattern; both would be fun to make.

  6. I was just perusing the Lisette patterns and fabric yesterday. So gorgeous! I love the dresses/tunics in the line so much! Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. I’m very excited that Liesl is designing for women now! I can’t wait to try these patterns out, and I’m looking forward to her next pattern collections! Please enter me in the drawing for Package #2. Thanks!

  8. I love package number one, would be lovely to make for myself. The fact that Liesel has a story behind each collection. Lisette is so much like all of us women. Oliver + S making patterns for us adults is such a wonderful surprise. Great giveaway..thanks so much.

  9. I love package number one, would be lovely to make for myself. The fact that Liesel has a story behind each collection. Lisette is so much like all of us women. Oliver + S making patterns for us adults is such a wonderful surprise. Great giveaway..thanks so much.

  10. #1 for me please! I am so happy to find Lisette exists. I love what I learn from Oliver + S and to learn some more techniques while sewing something for myself would be fantastic.

  11. #1 for me please! I am so happy to find Lisette exists. I love what I learn from Oliver + S and to learn some more techniques while sewing something for myself would be fantastic.

  12. Until recently I have not had any little ones to sew for and I really haven’t been sewing. Saw the Oliver + S patterns and have been considering them. Started back with a few craft and home projects but would love to try something for myself first. Pattern #1 would be a lovely way to start again.

  13. Just ordered Oliver + S via amazon! Please enter me in the draw for either of these great patterns. Altho I must check – I’n in Australia, I hope that doesn’t rule me out? Cheers

  14. I just bought two Lissette pattern and a length of her amazing sateen fabric. I would love to add the Traveler Dress pattern and fabric to my summer sewing list!

  15. Please throw my name in for package #1. I’d love to make this for my eldest daughter who is so busy with her toddler she rarely has time to sew for herself. Her birthday is coming up and this would be a great gift. She’d look fabulous in it, too!

  16. i’m super excited! i’m trying my first oliver and S. pattern soon – would love to try a lisette pattern and wish i could find them locally! i’m sized more for the first pattern 🙂

    and i love interviews!

  17. I just finished the Portfolio dress, and it’s wonderful- easy to fit, easy to wear, easy to stash things in those wonderful pockets. I can’t wait to try out the next one on my list!

  18. It’s time! We were a bit lax yesterday, so everyone got an extra day to post their comments for a chance to win 🙂

    This week’s winners:

    Package #1 (Passport Dress + Jacket pattern plus fabric) goes to ajtwomey.

    Package #2 (Traveler Dresses pattern plus fabric) goes to jencb.

    Congrats ajtwomey and jencg! Look for a message from me (click conversations in the upper-right corner of the site) in a few minutes!

    Thanks for joining the Freebie Friday fun, everyone. Good luck next week!

  19. I have made the portfolio dress and absolutely love it! It is easy yet flattering. (Not a sack dress!) I am acutally in the midst of making another version. I would love to have either of the other patterns.

  20. I’m new to Oliver +S and Stitch as well. Where can one purchase Oliver +S patterns and now Lisette? I would be happy with either pattern to have the opportunity to try this line as I sew for all of my adult kids, grandkids, hubby and myself, so lots of sizes to accommodate.

  21. Lisette’s site, with tagline “Sew Your Style” rocks! A very thoughtful, enjoyable website with gorgeous designs for those of us who have grown somewhat tired of pattern shopping at fabric stores (especially since I am a plus-sized gal).

    It’s so exciting…it would be absolutely fab if my name could be entered in the draw for Package 2 (containing the Traveler Dresses pattern in size R5 (US 14-22) with fabric incl.). Please count me in; fingers-crossed…I hope to be chosen.

    Best regards,
    Mary (‘Moo’) in Toronto, ON

  22. What a fabulous idea to combine the pattern with the fabric. I was not aware that she even made adult patterns! Finally, someone understands what women want!

  23. Love the comfort of the classic shirtwaist and it’s ability to dress up for the job or go on errands with a sassy attitude. Makes me feel great. The Traveler Dresses pattern with additional tunic and skirt makes for a sweet mix of outfits. Looking forward to the fabric hunt.

  24. Lisette Patterns Look great; Very versatile & fabric would be great also! I love bright colors, turquoise and lime are the best and brightest but the bright blue defines it! Travelers dresses would be my pick in size 16. Love to sew in CT.

  25. Love AMY BUTLER’S PURSE. Being convertible to a shoulder bag is more my style, and all the other patterns are a BIG PLUS! Love Amy Butler bright prints, and PINK is my favorite! The bright color collections are fabulous. Thanks, AMY! Love to sew in CT.