Amy Butler Sandlewood Jacket Pattern!

Hello stitchers and welcome to another installment of Freebie Friday!

This week we're giving away a sewing pattern from Amy Butler: the Sandlewood Jacket.

Turn heads with this dramatic & light modern reversible jacket. The clean cut of this silhouette is designed with options for 4 lengths, different sleeves & a tie so you can create your signature style, or make one for any occasion. Make in either 44" quilting/fashion fabrics or 54" home decor weight.

Leave a comment below to be entered to win (one comment per person, please!). We'll pick a winner next week.

Happy Friday, and enjoy the fourth of July! May you have great BBQs, fireworks displays, and red, white, and blue sewing adventures this weekend!

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48 thoughts on “Amy Butler Sandlewood Jacket Pattern!

  1. I started sewing again after many years. I One thing I love about modern sewing and quilting is that is it not as hard as traditional sewing. I think the styles are cleaner and appealing. Amy Bultler’s fabric is some of my favorite stuff. I brought an old sewing amchine at a yard sale and I’m falling in love with the art all over again. Love this website!

  2. Love it! Amy Butler comes up with the most fabulous patterns =) By the way, thanks for coming up with Freebie Friday; who doesn’t like free stuff?! =)

  3. Wow, it does look dramatic – would I have the guts to do it in a fabric equally as attention-grabbing? I have a dressing gown made out of her old French wallpaper fabric that is rather insanely OTT, I think I could go that route again!

  4. I love Amy’s fabrics and her patterns seem so easy to follow. I am a complete beginner, having not touched a sewing machine, ever. After taking one class for basic sewing I bought her Style Stitches book and I decided I would make each project in her book starting with the “easy” and working my way up to advanced. I am almost finished with my reversible shopper and have to say, it is turning out really nice!

  5. A little behind in checking my Fb notices … great idea the Freebie Friday. I’ll try to remember to check them out on time from here on out. If possible, include me in this entry, too. I love all kinds of jacket ideas.

  6. I would love to win this pattern. I used to always be trying new jacket patterns and realize that this is what I need to make me want a new jacket again. I love her patterns and fabrics

  7. I hope everyone had a great fourth of July full of yummy BBQs and great fireworks displays! We’re back in the office, which means it’s time to pick a winner for this round of Freebie Friday!

    The random number generator has chosen PeggyB@17 as our winner this time! Congrats PeggyB@17! Check your messages in a couple of minutes (click conversations in the upper-right corner of the site) for more details.

    Thanks for playing everyone! We’ll see you again on Friday!

  8. Happiness is the hum of the sewing machine when I have time. Something always seems to keep me away from my happy place. Maybe I should start taking my sewing machine to work or set up a table in the garden. Anyhow…I’d love to add the stylish Amy Butler jacket pattern to my list of things to do.
    Andrea C.

  9. It’s the first time I’ve seen this pattern before, and I’d love to try it. I haven’t sewn in years, but this pattern looks like it won’t be too difficult. I love the lines of the jacket, and love the flow of it as well. I think it would be a great place to start, as far as sewing would go. Great giveaway!!

  10. I love, love, love this pattern. I cannot wait tot get home from vacation and back home to my sewing machine. Gotta make this jacket……so…..pick me? Pretty please with sugar on top!

  11. i haven’t heard from you that i won….perhaps i missed the e-mail? i hope so. i would love to be able to bring this FREE pattern with me to craft night at HipStitch here in ABQ. lisa

  12. i haven’t heard from you that i won….perhaps i missed the e-mail? i hope so. i would love to be able to bring this FREE pattern with me to craft night at HipStitch here in ABQ. lisa