Add (Almost) Invisible Support to Your Blouse

I recently had to make a blouse pattern for my patternmaking class. The blouse had a yoke and the professor said that to provide extra support in the yoke, you could cut 2 pieces. (FYI: The yoke is the separate piece you see often across the back top of a blouse that usually extends over the shoulders to the front.) I really didn't want the bulk of the extra layer of my fashion fabric, so I substituted some silk organza instead.

There are many, many reasons to love silk organza, but its use as an interfacing and sheer support is unparalled. You can see here how I used the organza as an underlining to give the yoke a little heft. Because it's so sheer and pretty, I just finished with an extra line of stitching in the seam allowance and pinked edges.

The yoke is the top
back piece that spans
the shoulders.
A sheer layer of
organza gives body
to the blouse.
The organza layer
is treated as an
underlining and
simply finished.

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Happy stitching!

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5 thoughts on “Add (Almost) Invisible Support to Your Blouse

  1. Agree with kathleenbaer.
    I use silk organza as a press cloth, interfacing, for copying a RTW piece (learned this in online class with Kenneth King!), embellishments, stabilizer, and of course the most delicious clothing.
    ASG HQ

  2. I made a silk wedding gown for the first time eleven years ago and used it as a backing for all the pattern pieces as well as interface. It gave the skirt excellent body and was so very easy to work with as well. I have kept it in my stash ever since as a staple for sheer interfacing and interlining even as well as a press cloth. I have also used it as support at shoulders for knits from time to time instead of seam tape. In the wedding gown I used the selvedges to finish the seams as well.

  3. I made a silk wedding gown eleven years ago and used the silk organza as a backing for all the pattern pieces and as interface. It was lovely to work with and I also finished all seams in the gown with the selvedges of the silk organza. Since then I have kept it on hand as presser cloth and interface and lining for sheers and the selvedges as support at the shoulder from time to time for knits.