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I have been taking classes at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for over a decade now, and I always say that I will be one of those octogenerarian fashion plates tottering around the school. I love to learn, but I also love the inspiration that I get from students who have their fingers right on fashion's pulse

Mod makeover in a half-hour!

Staystitching and fringe
make a raw edge hem!

Recently, I was waiting in a line at FIT with three black-clad fashionistas, and they had the most darling outfits–short boucle dresses worn over black T-shirts, short black ankle boots and black tights. It was the perfect city look, and the boucle, which is having yet another fashion moment, was fringed, with raw edges at both the dresses and armholes.

It goet me to thinking. I had a black and gray, sleeveless boucle dress in my closet with a more matronly length, that hadn't see the light of day in some time. Perhaps I could transform it into one of these mod looks.

So I got the dress out last night and, with a bit of courage, lopped a good four inches off the hem (I wasn't going as short as those young women, but I could do a bit!). It wasn't easy to cut right thorugh the lining and fashion fabric, but I wanted a raw edge. I staystitched around the dress a couple of times and unraveled the boucle to create a fringe. Throw in some short black ankle boot, T-shirt, and tights, and I'm looking pretty mod myself.

It got me to thinking about restyling. In an era of fast fashion, I like the idea of updating something that is sitting in my closet. In about a half-hour I had a new, stylish outfit, that I could have paid beaucoup bucks for in a high-end department store. It's not only economical; it's green. Restyling is definitely a win-win proposition in my mind and is just as good as sewing when it comes to making the planet a better and more beautified place.

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Have you found a great sewing supply in your closet? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!

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5 thoughts on “Find Your Best Sewing Supplies in Your Closet

  1. Great re-fashion! I really like the idea of re-fashioning. Anything to keep more stuff out of landfills and to protect our limited resources.

    You should check out She takes $1.00 thrift store items and turns them into some cool clothes.

  2. I have almost completed a muslin for the criss-cross capelet pattern in the (fall 2013?) issue of Stitch Magazine. I hadn’t yet settled on the fabric for the actual caplet. Last week I was going through bins of blankets and bed coverings and came across a beautiful winter white bed spread with a non-directional tone-on-tone embossed pattern, and I knew I had found my “fabric.”

  3. Congrats for continuing with FIT…… Success comes when it comes, Yeah! Your MOD outfit if very beautiful. I love the inspiration that you provide. Happy Sewing!