Skirts! Skirts! Skirts! Learn To Sew Skirts!

I am crazy about sewing all kinds of skirts. I love skirts because for me, I don't have too many fit issues to wrestle with. And, I can make several skirts in a short period of time, unlike, say, pants or dresses. Skirts can be so easily changed with just small design changes. I have on my growing to-do list for 2015 to sew flowy skirts made with irresistible silky fabrics but with a very simple elastic waistband. How's that for easy? If you like easy-to-sew skirts, or want to try your hand at a great easy project, elastic waist skirts are it.

If you want to learn to draft your own skirt, the elastic waist skirt is the perfect project to start with. There are just a few measurements you need to take, but it's not complicated at all, not nearly as other garment pieces. I highly recommend beginners starting to sew on projects like elastic waist skirts. Additionally, use a woven fabric for even more ease in construction. Then you can move up to gorgeous silks for the on-trend look.
















My recently made elastic waist skirt from a vintage Vogue pattern















Simple elastic waist using bias binding

Purchased skirt with elastic waist treatment.

I recently made an elastic waist skirt using a vintage Vogue pattern. The fabric is a rayon, and I love the waist band treatment using bias binding. It's a very flippy, twirly skirt, and I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it. The purchased skirt seen below is a soft silk with a wider elastic band, and that is my inspiration for my next round of skirts. I probably won't start sewing these until closer to spring, which will give me more time to find fabulous fabric!

Do you like sewing skirts? What's your favorite garment to sew? Let me know in the comments section below!







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