Our First Stitch Sew-Along!

As many of you know we have launched our first group Sew-Along .  The voters have spoken so we are making the Asymmetrical Folds Skirt by Martha McQuade, which originally appeared in our premier Fall 2008 issue. I have always loved this skirt (which is why I put it on the cover Smile) and now I finally get a chance to make it!


If you have been following along in our forum here, then you know we are all supposed to have our fabric picked out by April 8.  You can see the fabrics I chose for mine in the photo.  I’m using a beautiful medium-weight grey linen for the main part of the skirt, a lustrous plum silk for the contrast fabric, and silver metal buttons.  I decided I wanted my skirt to have a dressy, elegant feel, and I love the contrast of  matte and shiny with the fabrics. This is a skirt I know I will never get tired of wearing!

So over the next two weeks leading up to our deadline of April 22nd we can all be working on our skirt.  Please post pictures of your fabric combinations and progress shots in the forum.  I know we all will enjoy seeing how they are turning out!  I would love to hear how you are making adjustments or customizing the pattern in your own unique ways.   I’ll post pictures of my progress next week as I complete the skirt too.  If you have questions along the way while you are making your skirt, post them in the forum and get the benefit of the collective sewing wisdom there.

If you haven’t already joined the sew-along and you want to, come on and join the party! The more the merrier!

Happy Sewing,



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