Making a Circle Skirt on the Fly

I was at Quilting Live! in Atlanta last week, which is my company's new show where quilting and sewing are brought to life. As part of this us editors spent a lot of time in the booth demonstrating what we do. On the last day I decided to make my editor's picture outfit for the upcoming Stitch Spring issue as homage to the Return to Retro section.

This is just one double panel of the drapes!

Here's my skirt!

  This pattern template is folded in half. When unfolded
it looks like a half circle, but it is a full circle skirt.

I decided to use a circle skirt pattern. There's not much to a circle skirt so the fabric gets to be the star and what a star I had on hand. I had brought one panel of several panels of drapes that I had purchased at a Long Island Gold Coast tag sale. How I wish I had seen the living room that went with these drapes. The fabric is like a silk linen and well, you can see the print for yourselves. It must have been some kind of Mad Men-esque pad, complete with Mrs. Robinson.

I spread one panel on the floor, which took up about half the booth, so that I could place the pattern piece strategically on the fabric. I wanted to capture one of the big red poppies. (That spread-out panel really got some attention!) Once I had chosen my "fussy cut", I moved to a table to cut out. The template I show here is folded in half–I opened it up to cut out the pattern. When unfolded it looks like a half-circle, but the straight edge is the center back seam, and it creates a full circle skirt.

Because I know the pattern is well-drafted and because it's short, I decided to line the skirt with some pretty silk dupioni by stitching them together along the hemline. With a long skirt on the bias, this can be risky and I would definitely hang the fabrics out for 24 hours

I attached the lining, drafted a quick waistband and boom, a circle skirt. I finished sewing down the waistband on the plane Even with talking to everyone in the booth  and doing a book signing and a video, I finished this skirt before the show closed that day (other than stitching down the waistband and I also decided to catchstitch the back seam down and put zipper in by hand because it's a stiff fabric.)

I have so much of this fabric and it's just gorgeous. I was joking with Stitch contributor Kevin Kosbab, who just happened to be in the booth, that it would be fun to share the many yards of I have of this awesome fabric with other sewists, as I can't possibly use it all myself. I do want to make a trapeze-style spring coat, and perhaps a bag that features the red poppy, but that's about one panel's worth.

You will see me wearing this in Stitch Spring 2015. If you want the issue to arrives early in your mailbox, you can! Stitch is now available as a subscription and it's a really good deal.

Would you be interested in joining a fabric challenge to see what projects we could develop together with this fabric? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!




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