Friday Sew-Along: One Seam Maxi Skirt, Part 1

Every store I walk into these days is inundated with spring and summer garb, and while it seems hard to believe that warm days will ever arrive on the snow-packed East Coast, I am going to show a little faith by making Caroline Hulse's One Seam Maxi Skirt.

My amazing knit fabric!

One Seam Maxi Skirt by Caroline Hulse
as featured in Stitch Summer 2015.

I am currently taking a course in patternmaking for knits at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, so I am lucky to have access to their fabric labs, which gets fabrics from all the best fashion companies. Each class, the professor's assistants come in with a cart stacked with the most delectable knits that we can buy for a song. I found this amazing knit fabric from a top design house, if you can believe that, and I am going to make the most delightful maxi skirt ever. Summer, here I come.

Before I get started, I plan to sit down and watch Caroline's video on how to make the skirt. I can always pick up a few tips on sewing with knits. I suggest you join me and also pick out your own fabulous knit fabric. FYI,

I know that knit fabrics can be in short supply, so consider shopping by mail at Metro Textiles or New York Elegan in New York City's garment district. I know, so old school, but there's nothing like feeling a fabric between your fingers to know that it's right for the project. Give either a call and they will send swatches.  

To get Caroline Hulse's One Seam Maxi Skirt Video, visit the Sew Daily Shop. Also, look for the pattern in Stitch Summer 2015.

Next week, let's start sewing that maxi skirt.

Happy stitching!














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