Friday Sew-Along: Make a Quick-Couture Flirty Circle Skirt for Spring, Part 1

In Stitch Spring 2015, I made a skater skirt from some vintage 1960s silk-linen drapes I lucked upon at a tag sale, and it featured these big, gorgeous poppies. I want to make slightly longer version (hemlines are coming down!) to wear this spring, and I have the perfect fabric for it. I found these delightful floral silk draperies at yet another tag sale. If you want to sew along, you will want to get a copy of Stitch Spring 2015 from the Sew Daily Shop in either digital or print format, so that you will have the project and pattern at hand next week when we set to sewing in earnest..  

I just love this silk floral vintage drape!

My Red Poppy Circle Skirt as
featured in Stitch Spring 2015.

  Get the pattern and instructions from
Stitch Spring 2015 digital edition.

I love putting unusual fabrics and silhouettes, and this silk floral material has a nice stiff body, which I will couple with a silk dupioni lining, that will give it nice, crisp feel, like rustling taffeta skirts. Also, silk is a perfect spring transition fabric because it can give you warmth when needed and is also cool against the skin. When choosing your fabric for this skirt, I would go with something that has some body to it, or underline a lighter fabric to give it the drape and the swish that it needs.

 You will need to get your pattern prepped by printing it out and taping it together, and have your instructions at hand. I am going to be showing how to lengthen this skirt, so you may want to get some pattern paper as well.

To get started, get your fabric ready, and get your instructions and tape your pattern together. Next week we will be cutting and sewing. This skirt goes quick, so you will definitely be wearing it by the time March leaves like a lamb.

Happy stitching!


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