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Red Elastic Waist Skirt

My Obsessive Need For Skirts

imageplaceholder Jill Case
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Summer is here and skirt wearing season is high. I know I've mentioned my love of sewing skirts, probably ad nauseam. However, let me repeat for those that may not be convinced, skirts are so darn easy to make! I have so many skirts that I've sewn but unfortunately, I don't have the right shoes (said the shoe fanatic) and so I just end up wearing jeans, because I can't find the right pair of shoes to wear to match these beautiful skirts.  Yes, it is very hard living with myself.

Back to skirt sewing. Above is my elastic waist skirt that I made a while back. I don't like the way it lays, it has this fold that goes right down the middle of the front creating this weirdness. Need to fix that. And, another little secret; I hate hemming.

On that skirt it was to be full length but I kept hacking away at the hemline in order to get it straight and I took off 5 inches, so I felt I needed to take it to a professional and get 'er done right before it ended up a mini. Oh, and she did a beautiful job.

 Here is another little gem that I love. It's more fall looking but with the earlier cool weather I did manage to get one wearing in before the hot weather rolled around. Again, elastic waist skirt. This is a knit, the red is a silk. Yes, you can make elastic waist skirts from wovens. Just be sure to buy a pattern made for wovens. And, this one I did not hem it, no biggie, it's a knit. But I did forget to pre-wash. Argh!

This one I have not worn yet. It is a double layered silk. Notice the print? Of course you do because it's beautiful. But, no shoes for me to wear with it. None. Who makes blue shoes, wedges preferred. Or maybe another color. Anyhoo, this is lined with a pale yellow silk and has a side zipper. The zipper went in wonky and so I think I have some psychological issue with wearing it, so maybe it's not the shoe issue but my mental issues. Also, I drafted this one and the hip area is weird, but still wearable. I think. Definitely need new shoes, then it will be killer. Right?


And, on it goes with me. Everything is a constant battle. This zipper isn't perfect, the hem is wonky, the print is weird. It  all drives me crazy. It's amazing I wear anything I've made. But, I do know that of all the sewn items in my closet, skirts are by far the most. And, I've probably had the most success with them too. If you are looking to add sewn garments to your wardrobe, then skirts are a great first choice. Even despite my kevetching and obsessive attention to things that no one else can see, skirts are fun to sew.

Let me know on the blog things that you have great success with.

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My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

5 thoughts on “Filling Your Closet With Easy To Sew Skirts + Save Up To 80% Off Select Books

  1. Jill,
    I also like to wear skirts in summer and my preference is for floaty 2 layer chiffon or georgette skirts owing to our very hot summers here in Australia. I wonder if you have recently looked at the quality of the garments on sale in the shops, I mean really looked at them. Unfinished seams or seams that come apart the first time you wear them, badly hemmed or crooked hems that will not hem straight however much you pull or tug on them, fabric of very poor quality cut off grain, and the list can go on and on. As far as the shoe issue have you seen what you want in the wrong colour and dyed them the right colour. I have done that many times to satisfy my craving for certain colour shoes that I must have, one shoe fanatic to another. Happy sewing and stop looking so hard for the faults.

  2. I loved this post!
    Skirts are my favorite thing to sew too. But I always do the same pattern, because I know it fits. Any time that I do a new one, something is always wrong with it, and I get frustrated and go back to the pattern that works.
    Pleats never sit flat on me.
    Pockets gape
    Anything other than a simple elastic and something goes wrong.
    I feel your pain

  3. Hi Jill,

    I loved reading about your adventures making skirts. Very inspiring!

    Regarding your comment, “But, no shoes for me to wear with it. None. Who makes blue shoes, wedges preferred.” Let me introduce you to Shoes of Prey! You can now design your own shoes to match those wonderful skirts! Have fun!


    Happy sewing … & dancing!

  4. Try II!

    For shoes, try: Color-matching is easier then you think, especially with guidance from Margot and Destiny.

    Silk skirts? Set-in waistbands work best, as does a zipper. Extra work, sure. Also less fuss, frustration, few wadders. If any. Adjusting the dress form to conform with one’s stance is short of miracious. Establish desired skirt length, adjust pattern, cut, sew, hem, Done!

    Summer’s back, life’s good–Enjoy!