3 Easy Ways to Jump Start Your Work Wardrobe For Summer.

Skirts galore!

Summer Dressing For The Office

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I was having a bit of writer's block on Friday and asked fans of the Sew Daily page to give me a little help in way of topics. There was a suggestion by Lisa C to write on the subject of warm weather dressing. Next came a suggestion from Angie S to write a list type post. So, for this post I"m going to show 5 ways to dress for summer weather. How's that?!

As I was thinking of the post I thought it would be easy to break this into a series of posts for dressing for hot weather and still looking professional and fun in an office environment. I thought I would break it down by specific garments and show examples from Stitch issues. So here goes!

The weather here in Colorado is rainy and a bit chilly, so we haven't experienced summer temps, but they're just around the corner to be sure. When summer hits I love skirts, they are easy to wear, make and style. Here are three skirt ideas that you can totally make your own for your body type and office situation.

First one is a maxi skirt. I think in most office situations one can pull of a maxi skirt. This one from Stitch Summer is from a knit but in a solid color with a luxe knit fabric this can be made to look right at home in an office situation. Here is how a few have styled maxi skirts. You can see they are a mix of wovens and knit fabrics. All styled cute but professional. One warning: watch out for rolling over your skirt with your chair.

 Image from gorfeautiful.com

This maxi skirt as seen in Stitch Summer 2015 can be made and styled just as easily as the skirts seen above. Use a solid, muted color to make it less 'festive' in tone and pair with a smart blazer or a light weight cardigan.

Option 2: The below the knee rectangle skirt. This skirt is a long pencil skirt and looks so professional, yet style it right and there is no dullness here. Style it with a cute top and a blazer plus some bold, clunky jewelery. Or pick up a tissue knit 3/4 sleeve cardigan to take the chill off when in cold conference rooms. So many possibilities with this one.

This is an easy to make skirt as seen in Sew It All volume 9.


Option 3: The a-line skirt. This is such a classic look, and really there are a million ways to style this based on the fabric you choose and the style. A-line skirts can be straight, full or pleated.  A-line skirts look fabulous on most body types, largely due to the fact that it doesn't cling to your hips but skims the hips and then flares out. I probably have half-a-dozen a-line skirts. Love. Them. Below is a free pattern for making your own a-line skirt. This originally appeared in Stitch 2011 magazine and you can find the instruction for it in this issue..


What do you like to wear during the summer, especially those in offices where there is a dress code. I would love to know how you dress for success AND the heat.

Let me know on the blog!


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