Why can't my house look like Tula Pink's?

When people tell me I need to go to my happy place, I go to the house I've created for myself on Pinterest. It's a lovely home, really, with a Viking stove and espresso machine in the stainless steel kitchen, where only Food Network recipes are cooked. Priceless art hangs on every wall. A reclaimed wood dining table is set off by a one-of-a-kind chandelier made from antique farm tools. Bookshelves contain a mix of new fiction and the classics, all of which I've read, of course. I would never pick up a book and abandon it two chapters in while in my Pinterest house.

Y'all: Tula Pink's house is a Pinterest board in real life.

In Stitch Summer 2015, Tula talked to the dazzling Linzee Kull McCray about the new life she's given to her 100-plus-year-old farmhouse outside Kansas City, Mo. The photos made my jaw drop. Only Tula Pink, with all of her imagination and color sense, could paint busts of past presidents gold and blue and get away with it. I should have expected no less. 

We are counting down the days until Tula gives us all a tour of her home in her upcoming video series, appropriately named "Tula's House," but until then, pick up Stitch Summer 2015 and get an advance tour (you can order a hard copy or a digital copy). You won't just want to sew like Tula, you'll want to hire her on as your interior decorator. But only after she's decorated my house first, y'all, I call dibs.

Happy reading!


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