Who's Hot Right Now In Quilting + Who Are Your Favorite Quilting Artists?

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Who's Hot Right Now

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Online Editor, Sew Daily

I am just getting my feet wet with the whole quilting thing. And, because of this new interest I'm learning all about who's who in the quilting community. One such quilting star who is mega hot right now, is Tula Pink.

Tula Pink is a familiar name to many in the modern quilting circles, but to me, I've only been recently introduced to her style of quilting and design. A friend of mine (Hi Paula!) sat in a sweltering store in Denver recently and listened to Tula Pink talk all things quilting, design, color and fabric. Fans of Tula are die hard and after looking at her past fabric line and now her new one I can see why. It's gorgeous!

Here at F+W many of us in the quilting and sewing side are really excited about a new series from QNN.TV called Tula's House. This series is in 12 parts and it has a look and feel a bit like reality TV, but with out the drama, the weirdness, etc..

I was lucky to get a  sneak peek in to the new Tula's House series, I really like her take on design. I love the way in which she tackles the design process with a blend of tech and old-school.  She really is engaging and she makes me even more excited to be part of this crazy creative world I live in. In other words, I love how she articulates her passion. I dig it. I get it.

Tula, a self described 'private person' had some reservations about doing a 12 series 'show'. I've been in front of a video camera I can attest to how stressful it is to be 'on' for just one day. I can image how crazy it must have been for a 12 series taping, in your home! But at the end, the series turned out spectacular. It really is fun, engaging and one-of-a-kind, just like Tula.

In the premiere episode of Tula's House, Tula Pink shows off her home, her trusty Bernina sewing machine and design studio. She also walks through how she began her upcoming design collection, Eden, and her recent collection, True Colors. For Tula, it all starts with a concept and some inspiration. And, she shows her circuitous route to becoming one of the quilting world’s leading designers.  Sponsored by Bernina, it's lush, fun and a unique way to get a look at a one of the quilting world's top artists.

If you're a fan of Tula Pink I would love to hear your take on the series. It is offered through QNN.TV and you can purchase individual episodes or subscribe to all the videos QNN.TV has to offer. Please go to QNN.TV for more info and video previews of Tula's House.

Beyond Tula's House, QNN.TV offers the best in quilting videos with all your favorite quilting stars. So, if you're not quite into modern quilting there are many other quilting personalities you might enjoy. I encourage you to check it out!

Question for today is do you engage in modern quilting, do you have a favorite? Are you more inclined towards more traditional quilting colors and designs?

As a person who is new to quilting I would love to hear who your favorites are.

Let me know on the blog!

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