We have a quilt top! My attempt at the Liz and Elizabeth Evans baby quilt, Part Deux.

I put together a Flipagram of my quilt top's evolution on Instagram,
so check me out 
@sewdailyvg for my quilt top's (very) abridged history!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I give you: MY FIRST QUILT TOP!!!!!!!

(Yes, this warrants using all caps and excessive exclamation points.)

Last Friday I finally got my eight rows sewn together on my Charm Pack Plus One Baby Quilt by Liz and Elizabeth Evans of Simple Simon and Co. from Stitch Summer 2015. I used most of the "Morning Walk" by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery fat quarters I hoarded, feeling entitled to them as a native Texan and former Austin, Texas resident and all (naturally).

Pinning the rows together ended up being more intense than the actual sewing, I must say. Barbara Delaney, who y'all might know from Cloth Paper Scissors, is a stickler for precision like I am, so she showed me how to finger press the seams and check the vertical alignment while pinning. What a lifesaver! Barbara (or Barb as she's known around the office) might be my sewing spirit animal.

The other major achievement that took place while sewing the rows together: threading the bobbin and the top needle BY MYSELF and sewing the rows WITHOUT ANY THREAD TENSION INCIDENTS. I've been a little scared of using our nice office machine unsupervised because I would have to sell all of my earthly possessions to buy a new one if I broke it. But at some point, you have to sink or swim, and with the user manual by my side, I managed to get that baby purring like kitten.

There was one incident…

Yep, despite my careful efforts, I sewed rows three and four together along the wrong side. D'oh! That's why the good Lord made the seam ripper.

The best part about finishing this quilt top last Friday? It was my mom's birthday! I immediately called her on FaceTime to show her my creation and wish her an HBD. Becoming a quilter and sewist is probably the best gift I could ever give her. I can't wait to bring home some projects for us to tackle together when I go home for Christmas.

My backing fabric came in the mail a couple days ago, so now it's time to finish this bad boy. I can't decide if I should send it off to be quilted, attempt quilting it myself, or knot it together instead of quilting. Any thoughts?

This Sunday my Little Sister and I are tackling those beginner-friendly skirts I talked about last week, so cross your fingers and say a little prayer to the sewing gods for us!



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3 thoughts on “We have a quilt top! My attempt at the Liz and Elizabeth Evans baby quilt, Part Deux.

  1. Well, that looks like something I could do. This project doesn’t involve too much math. I’ve been walking by the pool on this. I need to just jump in and do it!

  2. And, by “that looks like something I could do” I’m wary of quilts because I think my brain will explode with all the math.

    But, I may just drive myself crazy picking out fabric. Either way!