Use the Frozen No-Sew Blanket Kit to Inspire Your Child to Sew


About three holiday seasons ago, the daughter of a friend of mine decided to make several no-sew fleece blankets for her friends as gifts. She had seen one owned by a friend of hers and decided that it would be the perfect present: easy, quick, and amply appreciated.


Disney's Frozen No-Sew Sisterly Love
Fleece Blanket Kit

But she didn't have a clue on where to start, so she turned to her mother, who also didn't have a clue and turned to me.

We got together with some other mothers and daughters and headed out for a fleece shopping spree. With fleece in hand, we settled in for a night of no-sew blanket-making. It was quite a sight to see fleece spread out all over the house for fringe cutting and knotting.

After that my friend's daughter, a student teacher, was inspired to explore all sorts of crafts that she could use in the classroom, including sewing. It all started with that no-sew blanket. And the no-sew blanket party became an annual event. And I have several fleece blankets that are my cuddling staple.

I think the reason that I love to use no-sew throws to introduce children (and adults!) to sewing is that fabric and the love of it is really at the heart of all sewing projects. By introducing elementary sewing skills (laying out the fabric, cutting, connecting two pieces of fabric), you are preparing your youngster for future sewing and building confidence in working with fabric and scissors.

If you want to get your child started down the path of sewing, I would suggest you try Disney's Frozen No-Sew Sisterly Love Fleece Blanket Kit, available in the Sew Daily Shop.

Do you have a story of a project that inspired a child to learn to sew? I would love to hear about it.

Happy stitching!

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