The New Quilting Modern Book Rocks!

There are so many great new quilting products coming out these days. It seems like every time I turn around there yet another gasp-worthy magazine or book to feast on. The lastest to catch my eye is the book Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson. 

Quilting Modern is a book that both
teaches and inspires.

Of course, the book has a grand assortment of gorgeously modern quilts and projects, all crafted with time-honored techniques combined with an updated sense of style. Quilting Modern is worth a gander, if only as eye-candy. But what really impressed me is how thoroughly the book explains how to execute each technique with a modern spin, from free-piecing to log cabin to slice-and-dice, crazy-piecing, and more. 

The illustrations are clear and easy to understand, and Jacquie and Katie patiently take readers through the essential how-tos, including quilting basics, tools and materials, color and design and quilting finishing. As a beginning quilter, I defintely felt like I could pick up this book and get a thorough education in quilting, along with creating some amazing projects that would beautify any home.

Jacquie and Katie know their subject matter inside out, as both are actively involved in the modern quilting guilds in their respective cities. Stitch contributor Susan Beal,  president of  the Portland Modern Quilting Guild, has been giddy about their upcoming book for months and her newfound passion for log cab quilting has piqued my interest, too. Quilting Modern has other Stitch connections as well–regular contributor Missy Shepler created the clear and  informative illustrations that are so helpful in conveying the quilting techniques.

There's plenty in Quilting Modern  to inspire and inform both beginner and seasoned quilters. Check it out in the Sew Daily shop.

Is there a quilting technique that you have fallen in love with recently, like log cabin or crazy-piecing. Tell us about it on the Sew Daily blog.

Happy stitching!


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