Quilting Baby Blankets Using an Easy Binding Method

I have to admit I'm a tiny bit, well, I'm a big, selfish sewer. I rarely sew for others, and don't even ask me to hem your pants. Kid costumes? I've sewn one. Prom dresses or an type of gown? Nope. Fix a zipper? Put it in the pile, where it will never get done. Although I love to sew home decór items, I rarely do because it takes up too much time in my garment sewing. So, yes, I'm what you would consider a very selfish seamstress.

One baby blanket made by the Sew News team.

Here are my fabric choices for the next baby blanket

And, herein lies my dilemma. There is a bit of a baby boom going on around here, where it seems we are having a baby shower about every month. It's all very exciting, and my one weakness is that I love making  things for little tiny ones. However, with our little boom here, it's a been a bit difficult finishing things in time.

Baby blankets can be a super easy and fast project to make for a baby shower. Depending on how involved the pattern is, you can make one in an afternoon. The editorial staff at Sew News whipped up a adorable baby blanket for an associate editor a few months back. We all took turns when time allowed and finished it in no time at all. I'm rather new to quilting but I was in very good hands, to say the least.

Now, there is yet another baby coming in January, and I've picked my fabric out (I think). It's super soft and just right for a baby. I haven't picked out the front side yet, but one technique I'm dying to learn is the self-binding trick. It's a quick technique for sewing baby blankets and is really fast over the traditional binding method. Using this method will eliminate the need to purchase or make your own binding.

Elizabeth and Liz Evans have a great tutorial on this in their Simply Mitered Corners Baby Blanket, and I can't wait to get started and add yet another trick to my sewing arsenal. You can get the video in the Sew Daily Shop.

How about you? Do you love sewing baby things? Are you a quilter and have you tried the self-binding technique?  I would love to know any other easy quilt projects you could suggest.

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One thought on “Quilting Baby Blankets Using an Easy Binding Method

  1. A tote that can be unfolded to make an emergency changing mat/blanket. Square/rectangle with corners clipped together so it looks like a big candy dish. The big plastic snaps are good, they tend to hold stronger than metal, grommet-y varieties. The simplest is just add webbing on opposite sides for easy handles, but I like to add clips to adjacent corners, so that the tote is more bag-like. (I like fake carbiner + D-ring, but that may be too involved if parent/caregiver is a panicky type.) PS. Nice to use “oilcloth” for at least one side, to make the tote easy-clean & spill-proof. not to mention, a more sanitary changing mat.