No-Sew Frozen Quilt: Perfect Gift for Kids

Even as an adult, I think one of my all time favorite movies as got to be Frozen. Maybe it's because a red head has center stage? Well, regardless of the color of the star's hair, it's a charming story you can't deny. As I make up my holiday gift list I have two Frozen quilts on my growing to-do list. No, they're not for me, but two special nieces who like me love Frozen and one actually has red hair!

My favorite! Disney's No-Sew Sisterly Love Blanket

My favorite is the Sisterly Love quilt. I have sisters and know all too well sisterly love and the opposite of sisterly love. Especially, when they take your shoes without asking and return them in a hideous state.

If you are sewing for grandsons, nephews you can also find goofy Olaf on our sister site Both blankets are 48"x60" and are a snap to make. One side features the characters and the other side has a coordinated backing. This is a hands on no-sew project. And, the final result will be cherished for many seasons.

I can't wait to get started on this and ship it out to my nieces, I'm certain they're going to love it.

What are your handmade holiday projects for 2015? Are you feeling a bit stressed for ideas? Let me know how it's going and if you need any more ideas!

Good luck!




Don't forget Olaf!

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