Learn to quilt by not making quilts!

I am primarily a garment sewer. I've only recently dipped my toe into the quilting waters. I must say that quilting is, well, different. As I learn how to quilt I realize how much I fudge when it comes to sewing garments. And, surprisingly, you can fudge a certain amount when sewing a garment, especially with knits. Sewing with knits is, in my opinion, extremely forgiving. But, good grief, if you are off by a 1/4" or even 1/8" on a quilt block, you better get the seam ripper out and start over. Plus, there's a lot of math involved with quilting. And, then the dizzying array of color combinations one has to pick just to start! Just the thought of making AN ENTIRE QUILT can be a bit overwhelming too.

Cotton + Steel Kitchen Set

Cotton + Steel Tote Bag Kit

However, in the great scheme of things, quilting and garment sewing may not really be that different, but whenever I start something new it can be a little intimidating. What's keeping me going on my quilting journey is the modern fabric choices that are presenting themselves at every turn, such as Cotton + Steel. I'm sure you've seen them at quilt expos and in your favorite fabric store. They are the latest and greatest fabric designers who create quirky, modern, and vintage-inspired fabric for quilting, crafts, and yes, even garments. 

I was immediately drawn to their charm, and I like how there are multiple designers that each have their own style. Plus, I love this Cotton + Steel tote bag kit. I can learn to quilt by making a great tote bag. And, I don't have to burn through too many brain cells picking out fabric. It's all right here, in one kit. And, it's rather small and could be finished in a short amount of time.

I've started on this adorable Cotton + Steel Kitchen Set from Stitch. It's a little more complicated, but I love the napkins and the coffee cozy and the retro-inspired color scheme.

How about you? Have you started quilting? Maybe you are a die hard quilter; what about taking up garment sewing? What's stopping you? Are you new to quilting? Do you have any tips for me? Questions questions questions…

I would love to know! 







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