I am a Crossover Quilter

I have to be truthful here. I have never been much of a quilter, although I come by the art honestly. My great-grandmother created intricate handstitched quilts that are family heirlooms to this day, and my grandmother was just as much of an artist with her machine-stitched quilts. However, I have always been more of a fashion sewist, although I have started (but not completed) my fair share of quilting projects. In particular, I fell in love with Hawaiian appliquee quilts on my honeymoon and spent a good chunk of my vacation at fabric stores in search of tropical quilting fabrics.

The new issue of Quilting Arts in Stitches
Volume 6 has a plethora of inspiration
for sewists.

But since I have started working at Stitch, I have had a fortunate exposure to quilting. Basically, I work in quilting central. First, the Quilting Arts Magazine editor, Vivika DeNegre, sits not ten paces from my office and she is always showcasing some gorgeous project or another in her office. And the technical editor for Stitch, Mary Walter, is a talented quilting artist and distinguished quilting judge and teacher. I have plans to attend her Tuesday night local quilting class, to work on a couple of abandoned quilting projects (one inherited from my mother's pile of unfinished projects via my grandmother!) and an Amish quilt wedding gift in the pipeline. In short, I am surrounded and have surrendered to the craft!

The fact is that there are many aspects of quilting that have always appealed to me. Being inclined toward couture hand sewing, I love the idea of hand-quilting. It's something that can be done in pieces and is easily portable and social. So much of my sewing locks me away in a room. With a quilting project, I can hang with the hubby in front of the TV and still make progress on a project.

Not only that, but the quilters are at the forefront of so many advances in the industry. They have the best tools, techniques and are doing wondrous things with textiles, both in terms of surface design and new fabrics. In the past few years, the beauty of quilting fabrics has been nothing short of mind-blowing and they just keep getting better. I have used many a quilting fabric for a garment project. And of course, Stitch magazine is home to many crossover quilting projects.

So I am really excited to let you know that the latest issue of Quilting Arts in Stitches, Volume 6, is now available. Not only is the multimedia e-mag stuffed with digital advantages like colorful slideshows, pan-and-zoom photographs, informative video and detailed illustrations, but it also is just plain mouthwatering. You'll find plenty of  inspiration, including the history and future of redwork embroidery, making giant 3-D leaves with Wabi-Sabi stitching, and tips on free-motion quilting.

Do you have a crossover craft that you dabble in? Talk about it on the Sew Daily blog.

Happy stitching!

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  1. I do not know if this is what you mean by crossover but i now quilt almost exclusively whereas i knitted for over30 years before i did my first quilt and i started knitting when i was 33 or so.