Help, I'm Working On My First Quilt! Send Tips!

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Veronica the Managing Editor of Sew Daily recently made a quilt using Liz And Liz Evans Charm Pack Plus One Quilt. I saw how cute her quilt was and decided I wanted to do one too. That quilt is Veronica's first one which was another reason I wanted to try it. I've never quilted anything before so it was nice to have a newbie's perspective.

It's a bit slow going, mainly because I'm doing it at work and I don't get much time to break away and get 'er done. But, piece by piece it's coming together. I can't wait to tell you my experience with quilting! Have you ever made a quilt? What advice would you give to a newbie? This is something I probably should have asked sooner but, please let me know! 

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I am the Online Editor for Sew Daily and I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone here on this amazing sewing community!

My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

5 thoughts on “Help, I'm Working On My First Quilt! Send Tips!

  1. Start small. So many newbies start with a huge bed size and become overwhelmed. Get you 1/4 seam learned! LOL Maybe watch some video tutorials. Missouri Star has lots of fun beginner patterns.

  2. It’s coming along 🙂 well done! I recommend pressing each time you join shapes and try and stitch straight; don’t skimp on seams otherwise shapes that are supposed to be the same size, won’t be.

  3. I learned two adages that serve me well in most of my sewing/quilting

    The first one, used by my mother and her mother and who knows how many before in that line:

    ” It won’t be seen from the back of a galloping horse”.

    My mother modernized it to
    “The person flying above in the jet won’t notice”.

    Translation: Don’t look at the project from 1 inch away. View the project from the distance at which it is going to be seen. I had a quilt I made my uncle thought said he’d thought was printed, because “all the pieces match exactly”. He didn’t see all the small flaws I did!

    The other, from a friend of over 15 years, on the internet.
    “Perfect doesn’t count. Finished counts”

    Finish the project. Even if it isn’t 100% perfect, it will be done. And for a first project, you bet you’ll get better!

  4. Make your corners carefully. I don’t mind intersections that miss by a tiny amount, because they’ll never be seen on a galloping horse, but they can throw off an entire row, and I will always look at the mistakes when I see any given quilt. There are lots of tips in online videos about matching corners. The easiest is to press your seams in opposite directions and nest them. All the best!

  5. Take the time to make your seams perpendicular. Pressing (not ironing) and butting seams are essential. Keep in mind that quilting is a lot about math, and if a block is off, it will multiply. Check out a beginner’s class on Craftsy.