Fat Quarters: Chicken of the Sewing Sea

The fat quarter is the boneless, skinless chicken breast of sewing, I've decided.

If your freezer is like mine, it always has chicken breasts in it, ready to be thawed and whipped into something delicious at any moment. What can't you cook with chicken? (Unless you're vegetarian, and if so, my apologies.) Chicken can be made to taste like anything you want, and we're always proclaiming that other things taste like chicken. Unrelated note: I'm really craving chicken nuggets now for some reason…

One of the nice perks of working for Stitch is that our shelves are always stocked with fat quarters. Even if they weren't, fat quarter bundles are so easy to buy. All of those pretty, coordinating colors and prints, folded and stacked together so neatly. What can't you make out of a fat quarter?

I once pinned a Pinterest pin that had 50 different chicken breast recipes, and I ended up printing it out and putting it in my recipe binder, so it should shock no one that I'm a fan of the book "50 Fat Quarter Makes." We excerpted the cutest camisole project in Stitch Summer 2015. The Sunny Day Camisole Top uses four fat quarters, but the book has plenty of projects that only use one or two, which is nice for when you've gone through a bundle and wonder what to do with the stragglers. Pick up "50 Fat Quarter Makes" and Stitch Summer in the Sew Daily Shop! And, let me know what you do with fat quarters (and chicken if you feel so inclined).


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2 thoughts on “Fat Quarters: Chicken of the Sewing Sea

  1. Hi, in the magazine it showed the link – sewdaily.com/stitchpatterns to access the templates for the Sunny Day Camisole Top but I went there & couldn’t find it. Could the templates be somewhere else?


  2. Page 30 of Stitch Summer 2015 has details of “Sunny Day Camisole Top” by Louise Holer with the template being available online. I can’t find this template – please advise where to find this. Thanks