Fat Quarter Organization in the Sewing Studio is a Beautiful Thing

I was on a recent visit out to our sister offices in Colorado and was taken on a tour be a fellow editor. Of course, the first place we stopped was the sewing room. And there I saw a beautiful thing: hundreds of fat quarters in every rainbow hue arranged in by color in tidy wire basket storage.

Well-organized fat quarters really are a beautiful thing.

Fat quarters are certainly one of the biggest storage challenges of the sewing room. Even though they fold up neatly, and the fat quarter bundles with their tonal spectrums are delightful to look at, they are narrow enough that they can be awkward to stack.

I have an obsession with sewing storage and when I see a brilliant solution, I am enthralled. Here the fat quarters were turned on their sides and slipped perfectly into the wire drawers, with yellows fading to creams and melting into peaches and turning to orange and red and so on.

Such a feast for the eyes! It made me happy to just look at it, so of course I had to share with you. I have seen some lovely solutions for fat quarter storage, but this was one of the best, both for its visually pleasing layout and the sheer quantity of fat quarters that could be tucked neatly away

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How do you organize your fat quarters? I would love to know!

Happy stitching!






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18 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Organization in the Sewing Studio is a Beautiful Thing

  1. All my fabrics are stored by colour in plastic crates. It’s just as well they are then hidden in cupboards as I often have panic attacks about just how much fabric I have and am not using up. I will often dye my own fabrics which of course I don’t know what to do with either| I am a pretty useless patchworker – can never ever get a good square no matter how careful I think I am about cutting, sewing etc so this stash is likely to still be here when I am gone. LIZ

  2. I store my fat quarters on cd stands (the ones that are like skinny bookshelves). They fit very perfectly, and they don’t take up much horizontal room. It’s amazing how many fit on. I have arranged basically by color. It’s actually quite happy looking. I store my yardage in clear bins by color.

  3. I have wooden fat quarter storage boxes from Tilda. They are painted in pale blue, shabby chic in style and look good on my shelves. It makes it a lot easier to pick the fabric I need at a glance.

  4. I’ve been using the wire baskets for years to store my fat quarters, also to keep fabrics for an upcoming project together…works beautifully!

  5. I’ve found similar wire storage drawers on-line at Home Depot. I believe they are from Closet Maid. I also use fabric storage bins in my cubbie storage shelves.

  6. I do not have much room in my sewing room/bedroom, but I did come up with an idea for storing my fat quarters, I use the plastic covers that purchased pillow cases, sheets, etc come in. They have a zipper that can be zipped which keeps them clean. They can be stacked perfectly so that you can see your colors & designs. I then stack them in a basket & put on a shelf.