Embellishing on Quilt Market: A Visit with Anna Maria Horner

The International Quilt Market in Houston was once again completely fabulous and over the top. But one of the more enjoyable moments was the hour that I spent on the convention hall outdoor terrace talking with Anna Maria Horner. And I learned some surprising things.

Living the lush life in Anna Maria Horner's
Westminster booth at International Quilt Market.

For starters Anna is as easy to talk to as she is sweet-faced, and she has a wicked sense of humor. She recently gave birth to her sixth child. And she is possessed of a seemingly boundless energy.

Anna has done much to bring vibrant color and fantastic prints to the sewing world, but she actually started out as a fashion designer in college to work her way through school.  It wasn't her course of study, however.

I am always amazed by people who do the unexpected,. And Anna Maria Horner is one of those kind of people. Her Free Spirit fabrics are lush, like journeys into new country. Beyond fabric, Anna has become a pioneer champion of bringing back needlework into vogue, with her gorgeous threads, tapestry kits, cross-stitch, and more.

Whatever she turns her talented eye to is certain to be imbued with rich color, as is evidenced by her delightful Westminster booth at Quilt Market.

For more wonderful needlework projects, check out Piecework magazine.

Were you at the International Quilt Market? What were your impressions? I would love to know.

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One thought on “Embellishing on Quilt Market: A Visit with Anna Maria Horner

  1. I attended Quilt Market this fall for the first time. I was awed by the amazing creativity in the booths, and inspired to begin drafting designs for my own booth in a couple of years. Thanks for the lovely notes about Anna Maria Horner, she’s one of my favorite designers!