Check out this exclusive Stitch kit from Cotton + Steel!

I've been to a few International Quilt Markets and few things have generated as much excitement as the introduction of the first Cotton + Steel fabric line this last spring. I'm talking a constant crowd around the RJR booth (mostly hip, young things) and a buzz that wouldn't stop.

Alexia and Rashida at Spring Quilt Market. Just two of
the five designers who make up Cotton + Steel.

Of course the fabrics are beautiful. I would expect nothing less of such a powerful quintet as Melody Miller, Alexia Abegg, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Kim Kight, and Sarah Watts. But other than their very mod and stylish sensibility, I think that it's the combination and force of all five talents that make the Cotton +Steel line so magnetic. Each member of the design consortium is a star in her own right, and when you put all five together, you have some mega-wattage going on.

I had a chance to have breakfast with Rashida and Alexia this past spring in Pittsburgh and had a chance to get a sneak preview of their new line. It was kind of funny because I was supposed to go out to the hotel suite for my insider's peek, but by the time we met up, everything was already packed up and ready to go home. At any rate, I saw the "secret book" and you can expect great things come October in Houston. We were given several exclusive projects to publish, as we were from 2013 Fall Market, so stay posted!

All five of the members of Cotton + Steel are disarmingly easy to talk to, and we all share a love of fabric and sewing, so there's always plenty to discuss. However, I think that one of the most exciting thing to come out of the Stitch collaboration with Cotton + Steel is this darling Diamond Kitchen Set kit. The project is featured on the cover of Stitch Fall 2014.

I am pleased to announce that Sew Daily readers will have the opportunity to pre-order the exclusive kit for this kitchen set that features all you need to make a tea cozy, pot holder and French press cozy. Pre-order yours today!

Do you have a favorite Cotton + Steel fabric? Do tell!

Happy stitching!











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