Check Out the New Quilting Arts in Stitches, Volume 9!

If it has anything to do with sewing I want to know about it, and if you feel the same way, the new Quilting Arts in Stitches, Volume 9, is full of interesting ideas and inspiration that will have you reaching for needle and fabric in no time.

Create a reverse applique
sketchbook with Carol Sloan.


Divide and conquer
your quilts with Norma Schlager.

 Use surface stitching to
tell a story with Susie Monday

This fabulous interactive eMag takes sewing eye-candy and learning new techniques to a whole new level, with colorful slideshows of step-by-step process, pan-and-zoom photographs, and pause-and-replay video.

With all these mouth-watering projects, I'm making a few New Year's resolutions:

Resolution 1, Make something cute: I'm itching to create the darling reverse applique sketchbook cover in the article by Carol Sloan.

Resolution 2, Tackle a big quilt: I plan to get get the inside scoop from Norma Schlager on how to manage the making of a large quilt by breaking it down into smaller pieces.

Resolution 3, Tell a story with stitches: I intend to take a cue from Susie Monday's musings about how surface stitches on a piece are like brushstrokes on a painting and apply the contect to embellishments on my projects.

You'll find these inspiring articles, plus great information on shibori, indigo dyeing, creating texture from digital prints, printing woodcuts on fabric, and many other techniques.

Find out more about Quilting Arts in Stitches, Volume 9, in the Sew Daily shop.

Do you have a fascination with learning new sewing techniques? Let us know!



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