Backstage at the Tula Pink Shoot and a Fond Farewell

This fall, Tula's House, a video series on fabric designer Tula Pink's journey in creating her Eden fabric line wil debut. I had the amazing opportunity to be in Tula's actual house and on location in historic St. Joseph's, Mo.. Here is the backstage scoop:

Tula is as fascinating as
she is funny. Here, on
set in her studio/home.

Amy Barickman and
Tula Pink at the
Gothic House Tea & Eatery.

  Princess Savannah has
fattened up quite a bit
since this pic.

Tula Pink's house is, of course, nothing short of incredible. What else would you expect from one of the most talented fabric designers around? Located in the former stables of a wealthy landowner from the 19th century, the massive structure has been converted to a modern and airy 3-story home. The offices are downstairs, Tula designs on the main floor, and her private quarters are on the top floor. If you know anything of Tula's fantastic fabrics, every detail in her home speaks to Tula's delightful sensibility, from the hand-painted hot pink owl table lamp to the bolts of her fabrics organized by vibrant color.  

In the series, you don't just get a peek into Tula's creative work. You get to know Tula herself, and she is something else. A self-professed workaholic and recluse, she is full of one-liners that will have you rolling on the floor. Really, she could be a stand-up comic artist. Her sweet and calming mother Kat, who acts as office manager, and her darling and quirky brother Cameron, who manages her publicity and social media, complete the colorful cast, along with other family members and fellow artists.

Tula ended up in St. Joseph after a career as a graphic artist in California and a cross-country road trip.St. Joseph itself has its own fantastic history as an 1850s gold rush boom town. It was the end of the railroad line, and this is where gold seekers outfitted for their hard journey west. The downtown is pure gunslinger, and the boom resulted in surrounding beautiful mansions and untouched architecture from another time. After the boom, the townspeople basically deserted this area, leaving it to slow decay that has recently seen some revival, and it's well worth a visit, if you want to go back in time to another century.

Designer Amy Barickman came up from Kansas City to appear in the video series, and we shot  her meeting with Tula at the Gothic House Tea & Eatery, a a sweet 1850s gingerbread brick dwelling that was the former home of an ironworker. Its industrious and no-nonsense owner Pat worked tirelessy to renovate the Gothic House and the result is stunning, along with her famous scones slathered with lemon butter.

I had my own adventure at the Tea House, where I was adopted by a stray Russian Blue cat from an active feral cat colony. This gorgeous creature had been dumped by her owner, and I was able to rescue her and bring her home. (A shout out to the Angels Vet Express, a massive nonprofit animal rescue operation in nearby Savannah, Mo., for charging me almost nothing for her treatment, and health certicate. Hence, her name–Princess Savannah. If you want to meet a baby owl who fell from his nest and narrowly avoided dehydration, or ailing mountain lion, as well as hundreds of homeless cats and dogs, this is the place.)

The week we spent shooting Tula's House was truly magical, and I know that you will love seeing this amazing peek into Tula's life and work. Learn more about the series by downloading Stitch Summer 2015 from the Sew Daily Shop and look for more info soon..

I am off to other adventures. It has been a wonderful 4-year journey in building this community on Sew Daily, and this modern sewing community will continue to be artfully manned by Jill Case and Veronica Graham. I will miss all of you. Until we meet again on the road of happy stitching. (And don't stop sewing!) xoxo Amber

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