Art Quilts Alive at International Quilt Market

I had a chance during an early morning at International Quilt Market to take a quiet walk through the quilt show. The show that was mounted at this year's market was particularly stunning, as it included an amazing collection of red and white quilts, many of which were hanging high above the floor.

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A good portion of the entries, however are art quilts, and the display was an amazing selection that could be viewed in aisle after aisle of hanging quilts. As I walked through,

I was amazed by techniques. I stood up close at one in particular that featured two dogs, who looked strikingly similar to my own, wrestling over a throw toy in full sprint. The level of detail was impressive, and I could see at close range the wide of array of solids that it took to make the quilt resolve into a clear picture from a few steps away. It was like pointillism with fabric.

I love to paint, and it is wondrous to me to see art techniques translated into quilts. If you would love to learn more about art quilting and get inspiration from some lovely works, check out a subscription to Quilting Arts magazine.

Have you tried art quilting? I would love to know.

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