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imageplaceholder Jill Case
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As soon as spring weather hits I tell everyone how this is my favorite season to sew for. Truth be told I think every season is my favorite to sew for.

But, there is something to wearing bulky clothes for six or so months that get me itching for making spring and summer dresses that will be worn on warm nights drinking cool drinks. If you enjoy sewing for spring and summer what are your favorite things to sew?  I like sewing easy cap sleeved blouses and sleeveless dresses and now of course is the time I am working on replacing all my pillows with fresh spring and summer fabrics.

But, there is rarely enough time in the day is there? So, tell me: favorite projects for spring and summer and how do you manage to squeak in sewing time?


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I am the Online Editor for Sew Daily and I am so incredibly excited to meet everyone here on this amazing sewing community!

My first passion is garment sewing, I love vintage sewing patterns and working with knits and silks. I also get very jazzed about sewing pants and love learning couture techniques. What about you? I can't wait to get started finding out more about you and what you like to sew.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Favorite Things To Sew For Spring & Summer

  1. My favourite spring and/or summer sewing is definitely sweet, breezy, girly dresses for my daughter(s). Unfortunately this pleasure is in danger to disappear since my youngest is not so small anymore. Hopefully dresses made by mom will do for her for couple of years more, the eldest is done with my sewing, at least for now.

  2. Summer’s in Hawai’i is hot and humid a lot of times, so I like to sew sleeveless dresses and cotton skirts. Easy and fast is what I aim for during warm weather. I look for cotton fabrics to keep cool in. I make it a point to slip in an hour or so every other day or a couple of hours during the weekend to sew. Especially since the daylight hours are longer this time of the year.

  3. I am working on a table cloth that we will use when we go out canoeing and picnicking. I chose cotton fabrics from my stash in various greens with organic designs. Using an idea in a book for a much larger picnic blanket, I tore the fabrics into random size squares and rectangles, and then used unbleached muslin strips to frame each section. When I assemble the top, I will then back it with muslin and then hand quilt in straight lines along the seams.

    It is actually a quick project, esp. tearing the cotton and muslin fabrics into the random shapes and 3 inch strips. I just laid it out on top of a card table as I went along. Little measuring, no cutting, just a snip to start the tears and lots of eyeballing. There are four sections, each of different sized pieces, that come together to make the whole.

    As I do not have as much time as I would like to sew (job gets in the way!) I look for quick projects, so I can still make things. I used to do clothing, costumes for theater, bridal. But I have changed to non-clothing, more fun type items. I sewed a bird also, and it actually stands up!