Online Extra for Stitch Winter 2012 "Pillow Fight:" A Date with Design

A note from Amber: Here is a little more background on designer Anna Bondoc, who created the fabric designs for our authors’ pillow challenge. Their mission: to make three distinct pillows from Anna’s custom fabrics:

                   Designer Anna Bondoc

Artist Anna Bondoc can barely sew a button, so she found some humor in the fact that she was designing fabric for our three designers to transform into pillows.

“I had a little chuckle wondering how in the world I found myself designing fabric. But that made me reflect on the magical synergy that fabric engenders,” she said in a recent article she penned for Stitch sister magazine Cloth Paper Scissors.

Anna’s usual work in paper is a cross between art and décor. Working with an X-acto knife and paper, she fashions everything from wall art for kids and adults to notecards and nameplates, as well as custom work. But every piece carries her distinctive mark of colorful, textured, modern patterns.

Her path to becoming a full-time artist and designer was not a straight line. Anna  dabbled in writing, cooking, and teaching, and now juggles her career with motherhood. Her business really took off when she connected with marketing guru and brand-builder Vanessa Peters at their daughters’ pre-school.

It’s a great tale of destiny meeting action, and clearly Anna isn’t afraid to embrace new adventures, as is evident in her eagerness to design the gorgeous custom fabric she created for the Stitch pillow challenge.

“To me, each design had to somehow hold its own, yet, invite interpretation and innovation,” Anna said. And that it did!

To read the entire “Pillow Fight”  article, see Stitch Winter 2012. For more on Anna’s fabric design process, see Cloth Paper Scissors July/August 2012. See Anna’s art on


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