Update a Room With Easy Pillow Projects

A few years back, I set out to make a pillow slipcover for my mom's birthday.  I didn't have any sewing patterns for the home on hand, so I decided to strike out on my own and make a rail fence patchwork pattern.

One of the most satisfying parts of making a gift for someone, I think, is putting a lot of thought into what styles and colors suit that person. I'll ask myself, what schemes is her home decorated in? What colors does she wear often? She loves mint green right now, but will she still love it in a year?

The pillow I made for my mom.

When deciding on the style and colors for my mom's pillow, I knew exactly what she wouldn't want: something kitschy, cutesy, or too bold. She also isn't a pastel person, nor is she into wild prints.

I settled on simple black, gray, and white fabrics. I thought the pillow would complement my mom's couch and living room decor, without providing too bold of a pop. I also liked how the black zigzag attracts the eye.

In retrospect, I might have chosen a darker gray, but I'm happy with the end result. My mom was pleased too—and if secretly my pattern or color choices weren't her favorite, she'd love the pillow anyways, because I made it. That's what moms are for, right?

If you're looking for some great pillow techniques, check out the Secrets of Home Décor Sewing: Pillows, Cording, & Simple Patchwork Slipcovers DVD. It's available in the Sew Daily Shop.

Have you finished any exciting pillow projects lately, or do you plan on getting started on one? I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy stitching! 

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