Are You a Bag or Pillow Person?

You know how you get that itch to stitch? You know what I mean. You started dreaming about fabrics and happy hours at the machine. Your fingers start to tingle, and your mind is filled with creative ideas and projects.

Totes like this Checkerboard Bag
by Ayumi Takahashi are a great
way to showcase fabric.

It's a blessing to be able to sew, for sure, but often when I get the urge, I'm not always sure exactly what it is that I want to make. And when I want to sew, but don't know what to sew, I find that often as not I turn to a bag or pillow project.

I think that the reason that these are my favorite types of projects is because I am often inspired by fabrics, and both bags and pillows are easy ways to display a special fabric, as well as being supremely functional projects. I can sit down at the machine and whip something up in a couple of hours, ready to use and display.

I truthfully went through a period where I could not stop making pillows. I was getting complaints from family members that there was no room on the sofas and chairs, because of all the pillows. (Really, I think that a throw pillow looks so much prettier on a settee than a person. I am all about the color coordination!)

My attachment to making bags is not so readily detected. Fabric bags can fold and store easily, and I can attest that one medium-size plastic bin can hold dozens of totes and nobody is the wiser. It's just a matter of being able to use them all.

For plenty of bag projects, check out the Best of Stitch: Bags to Sew eBook from the Sew Daily Shop Fall Sale. And for other inspiring projects (including pillows!), take a peek at Mollie Makes Feathered Friends, Patchwork, Please, and Perfect Party Dresses, also part of the Fall Sale.

What is your favorite go-to sewing project? Are you a bags or pillow person, or both? Do tell!

Happy stitching!

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9 thoughts on “Are You a Bag or Pillow Person?

  1. Oooooh, BAGS! Not so keen on pillows. Usually.

    But my all-time fav go-to sewing project? Whatever textile based item I am in need of and refuse to pay huge money for because I know darn well I have the perfect fabric and supplies for in my stash.

    Which, lol, at the moment is a pair of those…bed bolster lounging pillows with arms and built in remote pocket thingies. I’ve never made one although I’ve been sewing for over 50 years so I spent all day yesterday online trying to find the perfect commercial pattern. I finally did – BONUS points to me because that perfect pattern is on @half-off and I have a voucher for free shipping:)

  2. Oh how your article was so me. I want to sew so bad but am over whelmed with so many things that have to be done first. But, I think the reason you mention about all the pretty fabric is why I like pillow cases. They are so quick and easy to make and yet beautiful. I have a sweet little bichon/poodle mix and every where in the house is a pretty pillow for her to lay on. Now my boy dogs are getting some manly pillow cases made for them………Bags are not so quick for me, so I don’t take them on as often. Thanks for a good article and I just might pick up the issue of bags to sew….

  3. BAGS, BAGS, BAGS!!!! I have hundreds of them. It is the easiest way to test out a new technique, or a new quilt square, or any other interesting idea before you commit to a huge project. They take very little fabric and if the process is more difficult, you still get a really cool purse out of the deal. My local quilt shop has nicknamed me “Queen of Totes” LOL.

  4. Definitely bags, both tote bags and purses. I have some I’ve never used, and I have one on the machine now. I also like to make matching wallets. I also crochet bags from the leftover scraps cut into 1 1/2 inch strips, and everyone seems to like. I wish I could see the “Queen of totes” stash of totes.

  5. I LOVE bags! I wear a backpack everyday and I make ALL my backpacks. I have 7 of them now. Every single one is made in a different color, pattern, style. I love all the cool materials I put together to make a backpack and I LOVE all the compliments I receive just about everyday. I LOVE bags!