What better way to spruce up a room than with a new pillow? Learn how to sew functional and decorative pillow patterns from start to finish, and including techniques for assembling and finishing pillow sewing patterns with ease!


Tell Me Your Favorite Things To Sew For Spring & Summer

Let's Get Sewing! ! Jill Case Online Editor, Sew Daily SewDaily.com As soon as spring weather hits I tell everyone how this is my favorite season to sew for. Truth be told I think every season is my favorite to sew for. But, there is something to wearing bulky clothes for six or so months…


Sewing Pillows to Boost Your Home Décor

Do you have a favorite type of sewing project you love to make, over and over? Though I've been branching out lately, quilts are my go-to project. For some reason, I always seem to forget that sewing pillows is a fun, manageable project that can yield awesome results. My pillows could use a facelift.  The…


Tweed Townhome Pillow Kit from Stitch Winter 2013

I am so excited to announce that our first ever Stitch project kit is available in the Sew Daily Shop! The Tweed Townhome Pillow Kit, based on a project by the same name featured in Stitch Winter 2013, is now available. Look for many more Stitch project kits in the months to come, as well…


Big Jingle Bell Pillows

Download Now This file contains pattern pieces only. Project instructions are in Stitch magazine's Gifts 2014 issue. Instantly decorate any room for the holidays with a fluffy pillow indicating the season. Download Now


Are You a Bag or Pillow Person?

You know how you get that itch to stitch? You know what I mean. You started dreaming about fabrics and happy hours at the machine. Your fingers start to tingle, and your mind is filled with creative ideas and projects. Totes like this Checkerboard Bagby Ayumi Takahashi are a great way to showcase fabric. It's…